Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Human Behaviour

Oh my goodness! I have not blogged in literally months! I have been swarmed with college and going out with friends, but alas I am back :D And I am making a promise to myself to keep on top of blogging! So as I said I have been totally busy with college as we are finally in production! I thank the stars I got an amazing part and have absolutely fell in love my part <3 I have been spending loads recently and bought quite a few lovely things! I have also been going out and making such great memories with friends so I really think this year is going to be amazing! 

1. China Print Blouse, Primark £12
2. Above Ankle Trousers, Primark £8
3. Grey Mid Maxi Dress, Primark £8
4. Grey Blazer, Primark sale £7
5. Cotton Black Smock Dress, Primark £12
6. Sheen Black Dress, American Apparel sale £25.00
7. Pinafore Dress, Primark £13
8. Army Style Jacket, Primark £26.00
9. Black Hair Bandanna, Osiris, £1.99
10. Virgin Ankle Socks, Primark £1.50
11. Soft Brown Faux Leather Rucksack, Primark £12
12. Faux Leather Maroon Bowling Bag, Topshop £40
13. Starbucks with the besties <3
14. New Starbucks card!
15. At the Garage <3
16. Production Rehearsals with Effy.

Emilie xox

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