Thursday, 18 July 2013

I'm Back :)

Hey fellow bloggers!
Long time no speak eh? Have been so busy with college and life in general the last couple of months so I have had literally no time to blog at all, but alas I am back and for good! I have totally missed blogging so much and reading all of your wonderful blogs, I made a new blog a while ago but decide to delete it as I missed this one too much :) 
So I am going to try my hardest to keep this one up to date with Hauls, Reviews, wishlists and general happenings in my life. 

Emilie xox

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Human Behaviour

Oh my goodness! I have not blogged in literally months! I have been swarmed with college and going out with friends, but alas I am back :D And I am making a promise to myself to keep on top of blogging! So as I said I have been totally busy with college as we are finally in production! I thank the stars I got an amazing part and have absolutely fell in love my part <3 I have been spending loads recently and bought quite a few lovely things! I have also been going out and making such great memories with friends so I really think this year is going to be amazing! 

1. China Print Blouse, Primark £12
2. Above Ankle Trousers, Primark £8
3. Grey Mid Maxi Dress, Primark £8
4. Grey Blazer, Primark sale £7
5. Cotton Black Smock Dress, Primark £12
6. Sheen Black Dress, American Apparel sale £25.00
7. Pinafore Dress, Primark £13
8. Army Style Jacket, Primark £26.00
9. Black Hair Bandanna, Osiris, £1.99
10. Virgin Ankle Socks, Primark £1.50
11. Soft Brown Faux Leather Rucksack, Primark £12
12. Faux Leather Maroon Bowling Bag, Topshop £40
13. Starbucks with the besties <3
14. New Starbucks card!
15. At the Garage <3
16. Production Rehearsals with Effy.

Emilie xox