Friday, 30 November 2012

You hold me in the dark when storms arrive.

Hey Girls.

College has still been using every second of my time so blogging has been sparse as of recent, but hey ho I finally have some time to do a little post for you beautiful people.

Okay so a couple of days ago I noticed Primark had started doing stick on eye-liners for only £1.50 so I thought, no way I can pass on these! so I purchased 2 packets and can't wait to try them.

You get two different styles of flicks, you simply peel of with tweezers and apply to the eyelid.

Sorry for the bad photo, but here I am wearing the singular flicks. They work brilliantly for my eyes as I have slightly hooded eyes, therefore it is harder to get even flicks

I would really recommend theses, as they are fast and easy to use and you cant go wrong at £1.50! 
Emilie xox  


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