Saturday, 3 November 2012

Lily Cole; Make Up Review!

Hey people x
Sorry for this overdue post! but I finally have five minutes to myself in order to do my Lily Cole make up review. So recently I purchased two blushers and a primer from the "Lily Cole" range in The Body Shop, and the amazing thing was that it was all on sale :) it was also a 3 for 2 deal and it was all about £2.50 each total bargain! 

Lip and Check Dome in "Pinch me Pink" & "Crazy for Coral" £2.50 - The Body Shop
To apply this blush you can either rub it straight on to your face or use your finger/a brush, both work just as good, This applies as a cream like texture which makes it easier to spread on your face. It is a very light pink compared to the actual colour of the dome which is better, as hot pink is to harsh for my completion. The coral is also very light and subtle and goes lovely with paler skin tones. They are both lovely for everyday wear or apply it darker for a night out. I would definitely recommend these, they are one of my new favourite blushers! 

Pearl Radiance Primer £2.50 - The Body Shop
I absolutely adore this primer. It applies as a kind of transparent liquid with hints of shimmery pink and acts as the perfect base for blush and/or eye-shadow. I use it every time I wear make up and it keeps my skin feeling and looking hydrated. Totally recommend.

Hope these reviews were useful <3
Emilie xox 


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    1. You should definitely give them a try, they are Fab!

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    1. You should check your nearest body Shop might be some still on sale *fingers crossed*


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