Friday, 9 November 2012

I cried for you on the kitchen floor.

Hey girls :)
So all of  last week myself and Effy were house/cat sitting for my auntie who was away on holiday. It was fun having the house to ourselves just to study and rehearse in peace and quiet, we also had some friends over for a little drink which was such a laugh :) So behind on blogging as a result of it though haha. We had college so it was just basically a normal week with no sleep thanks to the cats! they are cute though :) Here is  what we bought from random trips into town.... 

1: Paisley leggings £9.00 New Look 2: Dogtooth cropped trousers £11.00 New Look 3: Tartan Dress £13.00 New Look 4: Sparkly Leggings £5.00 Primark 5: Pink Glitter Hotpants £15.00 Rebel Rebel 6: Multi coloured Clutch £6.00 Primark 7: Studded Suede Small Clutch £2.00 Primark 8: Tartan Scarf (Present from Holly <3) £7.99 New Look 9: Rings £4.99 H&M 10: Cross Earrings £2.50 Topshop 11: Cross Bangle £2.50 Topshop 12: Rare Pearls Perfume £6.00 Avon

Oh and this is my Halloween costume, I went Burlesque, sorry its not the best picture :P

Emilie xox


  1. Nice haul and lovely outfit!

  2. i love the dogtooth trousers! i'd love something like that, they're suitable for work and play, i love pieces like that.
    i love your blog too, the background is so pretty but the content in the best part obviously! so it's probably no surprise that i've just started following!
    please come over and say hello, i'd love to have a proper chat soon, you seem so nice!
    laura xx

    1. Yeah they are perfect for casual/work wear :)
      Aw thanks babe! that means so much :D
      I sure will :)
      thanks for following


  3. Love the tartan scarf and dress...I need some tartan in my life!
    Love your blog :) xx

    1. thanks babe :)
      you can never go wrong with a bit of tartan :P

      thank you!