Sunday, 21 October 2012

Confusion in her eyes.

So I have totally enjoyed my October week off! It was much needed, I can tell you that :) My back is feeling better and all my cuts and bruises are finally healing, mind you, one day back and they will all reappear no doubt. I have done so much over this week and have really enjoyed just having fun and relaxing. I went to the Theatre last Friday, to see "Medea" with Effy, William and Helena and it was fantastic! I was so inspired and was dying to get up and do some acting! Then on the Saturday Myself, Effy and my Mum all went to the cinema to see "Sinister" It was absolutely terrifying and I kept screaming like a mad woman the whole way through it. Then I had a lazy Sunday, Then on the Monday my friend Will had a "Steamover" which is basically a sleepover but with lots of alcohol haha myself, Effy and my bestie Holly all went and we had a total banter we also went to see "House at the end of the street" which was also pretty scary. It was a great laugh <3 Myself, Effy and Holly all went on a massive shopping day and bought lots and then had a lovely long chat in Starbucks.
Here is what we bought....

1 - Lilly Cole make up 3 for 2 on sale from the Body Shop. 2 - Lilly Cole make up bag £2.50 The body shop. 3 - Glitter pure £5.00 Accessorize. 4 - Vintage soft leather bag £18.00 Miss Selfridge 5 - Play suite £15.00 Urban outfitters. 6 - Joy Division tee £15.00 Urban Outfitters. 7 - Studded jumper £5.00 Primark.  8 - Tartan shirt £8.00 Primark. 9 - Tweed shorts £12.00 Primark. 10 - Paisley shirt £15.00 New Look.    11 - white bow shirt £20.00 River Island . 12 - metallic collar shirt £10.00 River Island.

I will be doing reviews on the Lilly Cole make up soon :)   
Emilie xox

Thursday, 18 October 2012

I’m sorry you’re in so deep

Hey guys & girls :)
Here is my recent Avon purchase's 

1: Colour trend lipstick in "Violet Friday" £2.99
2: Naturals Superfruit soufflĂ© conditioner £0.99
3: Barbie Perfume £4.00
5: Blackberry & Vanillia bubble bath £0.99
5: Naturals shower gel 'Berry' £0.99 & Footworks Berry & Vanilla foot scrub £2.00
9: Best friend bangles Claire's Accessories £5.00   

Emilie xox

Friday, 12 October 2012

She don't do drugs but she does the pill

Hey bloggers <3
So finally I have a full week off college as it is the October week! and I can safely say it couldn't have come at a better time. I am extremely exhausted from college work and are covered in bruises and have pulled a muscle in my hopefully this week will give me time to recover. I have been randomly spending on things the last couple of week and this is just a little summary post of what I have bought.

1: Purse - Primark £4.00
2: "To be or not to be" Notebook - Tkmaxx £6.99
3: Blood capsules for my college devised performance - Tam Sheppard's joke store £2.99
4: Make up back - H&M £2.99
5: Fake blood and make up sticks for college - ASDA £1.00 each
6: New shoes <3 - Evans £25.00
7: Effy's new heels - Evans £32.00
8: Beautiful Jeans! - Topshop £38.00
9 & 10 Sleek sheen lipstick in "Liqueur" - Superdrug £4.99
11: Effy masks for college - ASDA £1.50 each 

Emilie xox

Sunday, 7 October 2012

I'm to young to feel this old!

Hey everyone! just a quick little post to show you my recent haul!
I have been so busy with rehearsals for my devised piece in college I haven't been able to just have 5 minutes to myself to blog! Goodness, so stressing....
All from Primark Except from the Dry shampoo which was from Superdrug.

Emilie xox