Friday, 14 September 2012

Don't lean on my world.

Hey guys!

So been really busy from college, we have only just finished our second week and I have already done 3 assessments, had a tone of homework, a monologue and 2 scripts to learn! Goodness, so stressing! However I am so loving college its amazing, I love being there. Anyway, I haven't been able to blog recently as I have been so busy with everything, and I am loaded with the cold, its ridiculous. This is just a little post to show you my recent haul! Oh and Effy and I have recently purchased an iPhone 4s which we are addicted  too :) x

No7 pressed power in "Crème Bloom" £8.50 and Foundation in "Calico" £9.95

Floral bag £3.00 Primark

Doctor's bag £14 Matalan

black stretch vest £3.00 Primark

Black thick leggings £6.00 Primark

Sheer metallic vest £7.00 Primark

Black leotard £6.00 Primark

Knickers £1.50 - £2.00 Primark

NME £2.40 Tesco

Moccasins slippers £6.00 Matalan 

Limited edition Canvas bag £6.25 Lush

Charity pot hand cream £1.00 Lush

Glitter hot pants £20.00 Urban Outfitters 

Aztec shorts £12.00 Primark

Book for college £2.00 used book website 

Night shirt £7.00 Primark


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  2. i love your blog!
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  3. I love the Matalan bag and the aztec shorts are really cute! xx
    I've given you a blog award, you can find the post through here:

    1. :) thanks dear
      aww thank you so much dear, I will go check that out