Friday, 28 September 2012

Avon purchases and reviews.

Hey guys! 
This is my recent Avon purchases and reviews on each product.

1: Country Rose Jewellery Mannequin £8.00. 2: Naturals cherry & nutmeg linen spray 99p. Solutions oil balancing foaming cleanser £2.00. 3:  Naturals super fruit soufflé hair treatment 99p 4: Naturals strawberry and white chocolate shower gel 99p Naturals strawberry and white chocolate body scrub 99p

Solutions Oil balancing foaming cleanser (for face) £2.00
Naturally I have quite good skin, I have been lucky that way but recently I have been experiencing some dry patches which I think is due to stress. So I decided to try this facial wash. It comes out as a very light and soft foam which feels great on the skin which I love as skin is very delicate!! It spreads very evenly and takes ALL of your make up off even water proof mascara :D basically this is one of the best facial washes I have ever bought and it was only £2!!! Its improved my skin greatly and helped make sure all my make up was off. Definitely recommend!!! 5 stars!

Naturals Super Fruit soufflé hair treatment (Conditioner) 99p
I'm always unsure about trying new conditioners as I have naturally oily hair and like to use specific ones that I know and trust. But this looked and smells amazing so thought I would give it a try. I was impressed with the results, Its just as good as any other conditioner I have used and it leaves your hair smelling beautiful and soft, would definitely recommend this! 5 stars!

Naturals strawberry and white chocolate shower gel and body scrub 99p each
Basically these both smell amazing! the smells lasts a good while too! They are delicate on the skin and do there job. The scrub is lovely and soft on the but stills ex foliates well. Would recommend. 5 Stars

Hope these reviews are useful, any questions, email me
Emilie xox


  1. My friend justt started selling Avon. I wasn't sure about it (I'm a bit of a beauty noob), but I think I'd consider getting some now :P
    Thanks for this :)

    The Lovelorn

    1. Aw I absolutely love Avon :D
      I'm really glad babe!
      your most welcome!