Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Touch me babe, Can't you see that I am not afraid!

Hey Hey Hey 

So today was my first day back at college, and it felt like I had never left to be honest. I was mega tired as I didn't sleep a wink last night but that's to be expected..... It was so good seeing everyone again, missed all my friends so much. We just played some typical warm up games and some concentration exercises then we got spilt into groups to create some devised pieces, which all turned out to be hilarious. After myself, Effy and Holly all went for a Starbucks and had a catch up, it was a banter! The Effy and I did a bit of random shopping in Primark and got a few cute things, we have finally been paid out SAAS thank goodness!!!!!!  

Faux leather hot pants £10.00 Primark

Faux leather jacket £25 Primark 

Studded collar vest top £8.00 Primark

Boyfriend Jacket £15.00

Lace blouse £12.00

Leggings £3 Primark

Purse £4.00 Primark

Assorted rings £2.00 Primark

Ear rings £2.00 Primark 

Coffin Clutch £4.00 Primark

Studded Clutch £6.00 Primark

Chit Chat Juicy Lipstick in 'Damson' £1 Poundland

Chit Chat Juicy Lipstick in 'Peony' £1 Poundland

Diaries £1 each Poundland 

VO5 'Give me texture style spray' and 'Heat Spray' £3.98 each Superdrug

From Avon; Ideal Flawless foundation £7.00

Effy and I will be shopping again, some time this week ofcourse :)
Oh and I will be review the foundation and VO5 products some time this well also!

Love you all <3
Emilie xox


  1. Going back to school is always a tough time! I love everything here, especially that amazing jacket!

    1. Aw yeah I know, and thank you very much babe :)


  2. Such a spree ! I Love the studded clutch. Im excited to go back too xx

  3. I love the hot pants and boyfriend lacket!

  4. i need to pick up some diaries like that! i love finding good bargains in poundland!
    i'll be doing a primark haul soon!


    1. Aw yeah they are great little diaries, yeah a bargain is always good lol

      Ohh I will be sure to check that out :)