Friday, 17 August 2012

I'll never give you the time of day.

Hey lovely bloggers!!

Okay so I know its been proper ages since I have blogged, but I seriously have not been doing very much as I have literally no money and college is starting soon. So Yesterday was my college enrolment where you just basically fill in forms and get your student card. I really wanted my student card to be pretty this year, It turned out okay however the wind blew out some of my curls so my hair isn't so great but oh well, life goes on haha. It was so great to see everyone since I haven't seen some of them since the last day of college last year! Everyone was having a banter as usual and after Effy, Gemma, Will and I all went for Starbucks and had such a laugh and a Catch up. Effy and I had to go to the stupid bank afterwards to sort out a mix up with our accounts witch took ages, but finally everything is sorted :D Start college in a week which is really exciting, there were only two new people at the enrolment so hopefully when we start more people will come! Can't wait to get my first payment of SAAS  as I need clothes to start back college with as we have to wear black! sad times haha. 

Will be doing some haul posts soon showing you guys what I buy :)

Emilie xox

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