Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Touch me babe, Can't you see that I am not afraid!

Hey Hey Hey 

So today was my first day back at college, and it felt like I had never left to be honest. I was mega tired as I didn't sleep a wink last night but that's to be expected..... It was so good seeing everyone again, missed all my friends so much. We just played some typical warm up games and some concentration exercises then we got spilt into groups to create some devised pieces, which all turned out to be hilarious. After myself, Effy and Holly all went for a Starbucks and had a catch up, it was a banter! The Effy and I did a bit of random shopping in Primark and got a few cute things, we have finally been paid out SAAS thank goodness!!!!!!  

Faux leather hot pants £10.00 Primark

Faux leather jacket £25 Primark 

Studded collar vest top £8.00 Primark

Boyfriend Jacket £15.00

Lace blouse £12.00

Leggings £3 Primark

Purse £4.00 Primark

Assorted rings £2.00 Primark

Ear rings £2.00 Primark 

Coffin Clutch £4.00 Primark

Studded Clutch £6.00 Primark

Chit Chat Juicy Lipstick in 'Damson' £1 Poundland

Chit Chat Juicy Lipstick in 'Peony' £1 Poundland

Diaries £1 each Poundland 

VO5 'Give me texture style spray' and 'Heat Spray' £3.98 each Superdrug

From Avon; Ideal Flawless foundation £7.00

Effy and I will be shopping again, some time this week ofcourse :)
Oh and I will be review the foundation and VO5 products some time this well also!

Love you all <3
Emilie xox

Monday, 27 August 2012

Review: Chit Chat Juicy Lipstick

Hey guys!
I recently noticed the hype for the 'Chit Chat Juicy Lipstick' which is sold in Pound land. At first I though it would be rubbish considering it's from Pound land, however it turned out to be really great! It gives great moisture to your lips, lasts a long time and the colour is really prominent! I would really recommend these as they are only £1 and just as good as the others out there. 

Chit Chat Juicy Lipstick in Fiery Red ( Is more pink than red )

Emilie xox

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Review: VO5 'Plump it up'

Hey guys and girls 

This is my first review and I intend to start reviewing a lot more products for you lovely bloggers :)
So here it is, from VO5's plump it up range. It is called VO5 plump it up volumising spritz. It is a spritz in which you spray on to the roots of your towel dried hair and the continue to blow dry in order to give your hair more volume.

£4.00 from boots or 2 for £5, seriously a great deal!

I am really pleased with the results of this product! It worked great and gave my usual limp long hair, great volume at the roots and lasted for a good while. I am so glad I purchased this product and can't wait to get some of the other products from the Plump it up range.

Emilie xox


Full Beauty Routine.

Hey lovelies!

I have been ever so bored this last week with having no money and waiting to start college again, therefore I have decided to do a full beauty routine blog to show you lovely people what I do to feel all pampered and clean. 

Before my bath

Before I go into the bath, every other day, I like to steam my face and use a nose strip to clear my pours.
I sit with my face just slightly above the water for about 10 minutes, giving myself time to breathe every couple of minutes I then apply the nose strip as my pours have been opened. 
Nose strips and a just of hot water.

In the bath 

I first use the lush soap when I am shaving as it doesn't dry out my skin and leaves it smelling beautiful, I then use the Barbie shower gel as I like to wash twice using different products ( I am a clean freak ) I then ex foliate with my Ted Baker body scrub which is amazing ( seriously recommend ). I wash my hair with the lemon and lime shampoo, giving it two washes. If you have oily hair or are prone to build ups then this shampoo it will work wonders! Lastly I condition my hair with the Aussie 3 minute miracle conditioner. I would usually wash my face with a scrub but as I have already cleansed my face before I steamed it there was no need. 
Aussie Conditioner, Ted Baker body scrub, Lush soap, Lemon and lime shampoo, Avon Barbie shower gel. 

Lemon and lime shampoo available to buy form Sally's

My lovely bubble bath

After bath

After I am finished in the bath I apply Soap and Glory 'The Righteous butter', And for my face I am currently using Superdrug's 'Vitamin E nourishing night cream' I also use the day cream in the morning. And lastly as I have been suffering from a bit of Eczema on my elbows, which is really painful, I have been using 'Zenoxone Hydrocortisone 1% cream' which is really helping 
Soap and Glory The Righteous butter, Zenoxone Hydrocortisone 1% cream, Vitamin E nourishing night cream

I hope you enjoy reading this post as I have enjoyed writing it :)

If you have any questions feel free to comment or email me

Love you all
Emilie xox   

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Amazing Giveaway!

Check out this amazing giveaway by www.mybeautyandfashionfix.blogspot.co.uk which is open internationally which is great! All the products look amazing so you should definitely enter and check out her blog  :)
Here are the products.

here is the link:


Emilie xox

Friday, 17 August 2012

I'll never give you the time of day.

Hey lovely bloggers!!

Okay so I know its been proper ages since I have blogged, but I seriously have not been doing very much as I have literally no money and college is starting soon. So Yesterday was my college enrolment where you just basically fill in forms and get your student card. I really wanted my student card to be pretty this year, It turned out okay however the wind blew out some of my curls so my hair isn't so great but oh well, life goes on haha. It was so great to see everyone since I haven't seen some of them since the last day of college last year! Everyone was having a banter as usual and after Effy, Gemma, Will and I all went for Starbucks and had such a laugh and a Catch up. Effy and I had to go to the stupid bank afterwards to sort out a mix up with our accounts witch took ages, but finally everything is sorted :D Start college in a week which is really exciting, there were only two new people at the enrolment so hopefully when we start more people will come! Can't wait to get my first payment of SAAS  as I need clothes to start back college with as we have to wear black! sad times haha. 

Will be doing some haul posts soon showing you guys what I buy :)

Emilie xox