Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Darling, Sweetheart don't stress. My heads a mess and don't you know!

The View are on Fire!
On Sunday the 8th of July, Effy and I headed into town as we were attending an album signing by our favourite band 'The View' ( who also happen to be Scottish! ). We actually could not believe the day had finally came. Never in our life did we think we would ever get to meet the band! it was a dream come true, honestly. So when we arrived in town, hours too early obviously, we decided to do a little shopping to kill some time as we didn't want to be queuing for hours so we bought a few little things which I posted about on my previous blog and then went up to HMV where the signing was being held. On the way up Effy and I were just having a bit of banter when Effy stopped and shouted at me "Oli sykes just walked by us" and I was like no way it must just be someone that look likes him but we turned round to get a better look at him and it actually truly was him! with him girlfriend ( who is from Glasgow ) We were in shock and literally could not move. Bring me the horizon have been one of our favourite bands since they started! we wished we would have ran after him and asked for a photo. Anyway we headed up to HMV still in awe, there was about 5 people in front of us so we were basically at the front. After two hours of listening to a deafening Samba band playing and weird stares off passers by we finally got in and went up stares to stand right in front of the little stage where the view would be playing. Effy and I waited anxiously as we thought we were going to die of excitement when we spotted kyle and the boys, then the elevator opened and out they came everyone was shouting like mad and we were squealing like little girls! Kyle truly is beautiful  <3 they played 3 of their new songs and 2 of there old ones, it was perfect, Kyles voice is stunning <3 It was so good to hear them so clear and be that close! Then they announced it was time for the signing and everyone rushed to  get there first and to be honest Effy and I are glad we weren't right at the front of the que as we needed some time to process the fact we were about to meet our favourite band! I have to tell you the feeling was quite surreal. We made a plan of action while waiting, deciding who was going to take what pictures first and stuff ( yes, I know we are sad! haha ) When It finally came time I was starstruck we handed our album cover to the boys and they all signed and we said hi and they said it back and just had random chit chat it was amazing! then we asked to get a photo each and both took one of each other with him! He was so close out hair was touching, I was in heaven! Unfortunately the photos didn't turn out so well as the lighting in the shop was horrific but I don't care as I was that close to him for at least 10 seconds! we then headed home and smiled the whole way, Aw it was the best day of my life. We are going to see them again on the 12th at the Glasgow ABC this will be our 4th time seeing them live I am actually so excited and can't wait to go but I don't want it to be over! Their new album is amazing, cannot stop listening to it. I would have to say 'Sour little sweetie' and 'The clock' are my favourites <3
Myself and Kyle <3 Wish it wasn't blurry!!!!

Effy and Kyle <3 this one is better but the lighting is bad!

Our signed album <3

Effy and I on our way to town <3

Kyle singing x

He is perfect!

Sorry for the novel of a post! 
Emilie xox


  1. So exciting! I'm glad you two were able to meet the band and had such a wonderful experience!

    1. Aw thank you so much! It was the best day of my life!