Monday, 4 June 2012

Ending in graves.

Hey Hey Hey! 

So on Saturday my friend Rameet, from college, was shooting for her new music video and asked if everyone in class wanted to be in it which was really kind of her <3 So myself Effy and Will decided to meet up in town and go together since we had no clue where we were going haha. We eventually got there after the most awkward taxi journey ever haha We got to be in the audience and jump about like crazed fans, It was so much fun and such a laugh. Afterwards myself, Effy, Will and Helena went for some drinks at a bar called "Tingle" which was lovely but to noisy so we just went back to Wills house and had a drunken sleepover.Oh and got to use my brand new passport which was so great haha x. Aw it was so funny, haven't laughed like that in ages. The next day we Went to the cinema as Will works their and could get us in for free, which was so sweet of him!, we went to see "Snow white and the Huntsman" It was amazing, such a good story. Then we went a random little walk round the shops, then Effy and I came home. 

What I wore and make up x

Wore my ring I bought on Friday x

Will, Stephen and Myself on the bus home from the shoot x

Effy and Will x

Myself and Helena x

2 shower scrubs for £1.50
They smell divine seriously!!

I bought this little owl notebook 

All from Wilkos 

It was the best weekend I have had in so long, love my friends so much <3
Can't wait for my ELF order to come, Oh and shall be going out next Saturday with everyone so expect random photos :) 

Emilie xox