Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Baby did a bad bad thing.

Hey guys !
So today I went into college its was the 3rd last day till we finish for the summer holidays, which I am kinda sad about as I love my college and always get very bored over the holidays! Anyway my group in class ended up creating a devised piece of all the plays we have done over the year and it is hilarious. I am so pleased with how it all worked out  and can't wait to perform it on Friday, out last official day of college *Tears*. Anyway Effy, Gemma and I all took a quick little trip into town after college today and hear is what we bought. 

I bought this Clutch: Primark £8.00
  Effy bought this little make up bag: Primark £3.00
I bought these stick on nails for Saturday: Primark £1.00

That was all we got as I had to get home to do some errands and sort some stuff :)
Emilie xox