Tuesday, 26 June 2012

You will be the criminal heartthrob.

Hey Hey Hey 

Yesterday myself and Effy went to meet our friends Nikki and Fee, as we haven't seen them in a while. We all went to Fee's new house which is so lovely and cute and had a catch up we also got to meet her little kitten Ollie which she rescued from a box at the side of the road ( I know, so sad :'(!! ) We also we shopping at Silverburn which is a beautiful shopping mall. It was a great day and I had so much fun, Then Effy and I came home and did an amazing workout and we felt great after it. Our diet is going so well!

 Effy got this bucket bag. Primark; £9.00
 I got this studded bag. Primark; £12.00
Earings. Topshop; £2.50
Shorts. Primark; £5.00
 Effy got this dress. Topshop; £20.00
 Top. Primark; £4.00
Swan Blouse. Primark; £8.00 
 Playsuite. Primark; £15.00
Vintage Frame. TKMaxx: £5.99
My hair was sitting surprising nice for once x
My outfit; Tee - Topshop, Shorts - (big sisters) Necklace - RebelRebel
Braclet - Topshop, Bralet - H&M

My baby; Barkley <3

Emilie xox

Thursday, 21 June 2012


Hey guys, 

So yesterday Myself and Effy got dolled up and headed for town as we were meeting Gemma and going for a drink. We ended up meeting her friend Emma also which was really nice as we haven't seen her in ages. We went to a club called Firewater which is amazing! It plays all myself and Effy's favourite music e.g. The View, Joy Division, Kings of Leon, The Doors, David Bowie ect... And the drinks are so cheap, you can get a 2ltr cocktail jug for £4.70 :D We met up with a few more friends from college and had an amazing night.

                                                Outfits: Us being weirdos in the street haha!

Me trying hard not to laugh <3

Effy and I in Firewater <3

Can't wait to go again next week
Emilie xox 

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Let me be your everlasting light.

Hey guys :) 

Yesterday myself and Effy had to go to the boring old bank to switch our accounts as we have recently turned 18, It was such a lovely day and our appointment wasn't until 2pm so we were a bit annoyed as we didn't want to waste a beautiful day however the woman in the bank was lovely and she managed to do everything in like 10 minutes so we were able to go into town for a little while and we got some little cute things :) x

Found this Jacket which was originally £23 reduced to £5, love it :) Primark.
Cropped denim shirt £10 Primark
Black Bralet £5 Primark 
Effy and I each got a litle pure for nights out, So cute. Primark £3.00
Effy got this little purse for her iPod. Primark £2.50
We needed foundation badly so got 17's Miracle Matte in 'Biscuit' £5.99, 17 grey nail polish £2.99, Natural collection press powder £1.99 All Boots.
Got this free as we spent more than £6.00 on 17 products. Instant Glow Body Bronze, Lasting Fix Nail Polish  In Tropical Island and 17 Black Eyeliner Pencil

3 for 2 on notebooks The works £2.99 each 
Sponges from Poundland £1
Last book in the "Fifty Shades" Trilogy £7.99 WHSmith

Tried my new ELF make up out and it lasted all day :)
Wore my pink teddy boy play suite as it was a beautiful day <3

Hope you all have a lovely week x
Emilie xox

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Live too fast for love or sorrow.

Hey guys and girls :) 

I know I haven't blogged in ages, but I haven't been feeling well for a while. Had such painful headaches and been getting migraines Its been awful! but thankfully I am feeling better now, so am able to blog for all you lovely people! x Just going to do a quick round up blog as I haven't really done anything interesting since I have finished college. 

Finally got our extensions from Carolyn Baxter's website they were £80.00, Absolutely love them <3

Finally got a pair of durable slippers for £22.00 :D x

 Joy division Tee from H&M £6.99 Love this <3!!!
 Aztec Tee Primark £4.00
 Denim Shirt £10.00
 Crochet tights £3.00 Primark 
 The first two books in the 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy WHSmith £11 for two. really enjoying them.  
Buy 1 get 2 free in Superdrug, Brunette and strawberry dry shampoo £2.00

Thanks all guys x
Emilie xox  

Saturday, 9 June 2012

ELF Haul

Hey guys, 

So finally myself and Effy's E.L.F order came. It was such a good feeling to come home and open it all. We spent £31.50 on it and bought quite a few things, Oh and we also got a goodie bag as it was the Queens Jubilee :D Here is everything we bought.

The box it arrived in.

                                                       Matte Lip Colour In 'Coral' £3.57
                                               Plumping Lip Glaze In 'Mauve Berry' £1.50
                                                 Luscious Liquid Lipstick In 'Bark' £1.50
                                    Therapeutic Soothing Lip Balm In 'Blackberry Creme' £1.50

                                             Waterproof Eyeliner Pen In 'Teal' £1.50
                                         Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil In 'Twinkle Teal' £1.50
                                         Duo Eyeshadow Cream In 'Eggplant' £1.50
                                                 Professional Shine Erasers £1.50

                                                        Studio Stipple Brush £3.75
                                                        Smudge Eye Sponge £1.50

                                                     Cream Eyeliner In 'Gun metal' £3.75
                                                     Cream Eyeshadow In 'Pewter' £3.75

                                            All Over Colour Stick In 'Persimmon' £1.50
                                            All Over Colour Stick In 'Spotlight' £1.50
                                            All Over Cover Stick In 'Apricot Beige' £1.50

                                           Elf Nail Polish In 'Light Red' Free in the 'Goodie Bag'

Elf Beauty Book Natural Eye Edition Free in the 'Goodie Bag' Love the colours x

I am so excited to try all my new make up! Definitely money well spent :D

Emilie xox 

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Baby did a bad bad thing.

Hey guys !
So today I went into college its was the 3rd last day till we finish for the summer holidays, which I am kinda sad about as I love my college and always get very bored over the holidays! Anyway my group in class ended up creating a devised piece of all the plays we have done over the year and it is hilarious. I am so pleased with how it all worked out  and can't wait to perform it on Friday, out last official day of college *Tears*. Anyway Effy, Gemma and I all took a quick little trip into town after college today and hear is what we bought. 

I bought this Clutch: Primark £8.00
  Effy bought this little make up bag: Primark £3.00
I bought these stick on nails for Saturday: Primark £1.00

That was all we got as I had to get home to do some errands and sort some stuff :)
Emilie xox

Monday, 4 June 2012

Ending in graves.

Hey Hey Hey! 

So on Saturday my friend Rameet, from college, was shooting for her new music video and asked if everyone in class wanted to be in it which was really kind of her <3 So myself Effy and Will decided to meet up in town and go together since we had no clue where we were going haha. We eventually got there after the most awkward taxi journey ever haha We got to be in the audience and jump about like crazed fans, It was so much fun and such a laugh. Afterwards myself, Effy, Will and Helena went for some drinks at a bar called "Tingle" which was lovely but to noisy so we just went back to Wills house and had a drunken sleepover.Oh and got to use my brand new passport which was so great haha x. Aw it was so funny, haven't laughed like that in ages. The next day we Went to the cinema as Will works their and could get us in for free, which was so sweet of him!, we went to see "Snow white and the Huntsman" It was amazing, such a good story. Then we went a random little walk round the shops, then Effy and I came home. 

What I wore and make up x

Wore my ring I bought on Friday x

Will, Stephen and Myself on the bus home from the shoot x

Effy and Will x

Myself and Helena x

2 shower scrubs for £1.50
They smell divine seriously!!

I bought this little owl notebook 

All from Wilkos 

It was the best weekend I have had in so long, love my friends so much <3
Can't wait for my ELF order to come, Oh and shall be going out next Saturday with everyone so expect random photos :) 

Emilie xox