Monday, 14 May 2012

Wishing that you could just go back now.

Hey guys and girls!

So yesterday on the 13/05/12 It was the day of our production! Cuba and Blackout. We had to be at the theatre the "East Kilbride arts centre" for 10am so a bunch of us decided to meet in town and get the bus together. Oh what a nightmare, the bus didn't leave till 09:18 and we need to be there for 10 so we were all freaking out that we would be late. Anyway we got on the bus but there was a spider downstairs so we sat upstairs but to our luck a crazy junkie got on and was talking to us all and being weird but luckily he got off pretty soon! We arrived at like 10:20 and were al drenched and we went back stage and set all our stuff up and pretty much spent the whole day getting everything prepared, taking photos and having a genuine laugh, the we did a tech run which was hectic then we had a dress rehearsal which was quite scary as it was our last practice before we went on stage. At 7pm Leah, our lecturer, did a voice warm up with the whole class which was such a laugh and gave us the boost we all needed. Then we have 15mins before we had to go on and be pre-set for the audience coming on, we were al praying and giving each other pep talks and it really made me realise how much of a little family my class is and how far we have all come. It was 7:30pm and we were all on stage about to preform and the lights came up and it started. Not to lie I was a bit nervous we we started but once I had said my first line, I was fine and I kept getting this rush of adrenaline and it reminded me why I love drama and why I want to do this all my life. The both shows went amazing and everyone was perfect, the audience loved them :) After everyone was all emotional and so proud of each other, I cant wait till we do more shows :D <3 Love my class so much!

                             My Class before were went on, with Leah at the front <3

                             Myself and Effy backstage, I'm not paying attention haha

                             Our programme and my mums ticket, I't strange having a ticket
                             for a show you are in

Inside the programme :) 

As I am writing this I am quite sad as It is all over all the rehearsing and stressing it was all worth it on the end <3
Emilie xox


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