Saturday, 26 May 2012

Tonight, We are young.

Hey Guys!!!
So this post is major late, but I seriously have not had a second to myself in the last couple of weeks, so my next few posts will up be updates of what I have been getting up to since my last blog. 

Okay so on the 16th of May, Myself and Effy turned 18!!! It seems to weird to write that now haha. We had college that day but it was a great day, everyone in class gave us the cutest cards and present! they are such a sweet bunch <3 They also sang happy it was mortifying haha! After an amazing day college we got changed and headed to the "Crosslands" pub along the road which is the pub which they filmed Trainspotting in :D One of my favourite movies ever <3 so we all got proper wrecked in there and everyone was buying us drinks it was great. Then a few of us headed to the "Bookclub" bar which is so pretty inside and we all got even more drunk in there haha It was such a great memorable night, Love all my friends for making it so special.

                                                     Myself, Scott and Effy :)
                                                             Myself looking like a twat x
                                                                     Thee group <3
Dancing in The Crosslands x
Myself, Richard and Helena x
The glasses for the gramophone =D
Cheers <3

If was such and amazing night. Cant't believe its all over <3
Emilie xox

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