Saturday, 12 May 2012

The show must go on.

Hey beautiful readers :)

So for the last couple of days, It has been mega rehearsals for "Cuba" still cannot get over the fact we will be preforming it in the theatre tomorrow! Bliss <3 So after college on Thursday Myself, Effy and Will randomly decided to go for some lunch and a gab and also ended up shopping at the last minute. We had such a laugh, my ribs were actually sore from all the laughing we were doing! Will bought loads but me and Eff only bought some things as we had been shopping all that week :P

Effy bought this blue shirt from Topman £20 and The Jim Morrison top from H&M £6.99 

I bought this charcoal vest from H&M £5.99 and the Cross tee from New Look £6 

Tights from Primark £1.00 Each

Me, Effy and Will's bags :) <3

Today I am just going to get everything ready for the theatre tomorrow, which I have to be there by 10pm Urgh!! and have a lazy day :)
Emilie xox