Saturday, 5 May 2012

Love.Fury.Energy and Passion

Hello everyone!

Where to start! Well last week I can honestly say was the busiest week of my life and the most stressful to add.
On Monday I ( which is meant to be my day off!! ) I had to go into college for rehearsals of this Strathclyde performance our class was asked to do, basically is is at Strathclyde park, an event called "The teddy bears picnic" was being held for young kids in schools all over Glasgow and our class were asked to create devised plays suitable for children and we would preform them multiple times to an accidence of children. So I had major rehearsals on Monday for that which was stressing but I ended up having a great day as it was a laugh. Then on Tuesday we had last rehearsals for it then had the theatre that night, as we have to watch a play as part of our course we went to see "Snails and Ketchup" it was really good but I has to rush home and shower and get my stuff ready to get up at half 4 for the performance at the teddy bears picnic event. On Wednesday I was a walking zombie! our performance tent was knee deep in muck and I was freezing as I had a silly princess dress on, we did 7 straight performances then came home and I had to go straight to bed as I was dying. Thursday we had a run through of Cuba which went well and then we all had mentor sessions for our graded unit basically you preform your monologue and get feedback I was stressing like mad about mine because I had lost my voice from the Strathclyde thing but thankfully it went amazing and Leah, my lecturer, really like my monologue so that was a good end to the week, I came home and had a well deserved early night.

What I wore to the theatre :) x

Emilie xox


  1. I really love the first dress !

  2. Oops I comment on the wrong post ... Sorry about that !

    1. Haha thats okay! and thank you I do too :) <3 xx