Sunday, 15 April 2012

You may be a lover but you aint no dancer.

Hey guys and girls!

I know I haven't blogged in a little while but I have been busy and needed batteries for my mums camera lol
Okay so a couple of days ago Effy and I went into town to meet up with Gemma and Holly for a little catch up we had some lunch and had a good catch up, It was such a laugh. After lunch we went for a little shop just strolling through random shops picking up little things, Effy and I had got some things before we met up also. It was such a good day :) I love the things we bought, they are proper cute and It was a great little day. Gemma came back to ours after it and we had a fun little slumber x

Shoes from new look £10.00 each
Effy got the white ones and I got the Striped ones

We went into a little shop called Rebel Rebel in the St Enoch centre and bought a few things :)

Rosary beads, £1 Love these they are so pretty :)

Cross t-shirt £5 Cant believe how cute this is x

Playsuit £20  love this x

We then went into International and bought these cute little bracelets x

Circle Religious bracelet £1.99 I already have a square one and I wear it everywhere, love them <3

Little day of the dead bracelet £2.99 this is so pretty x

We then had a little stroll through Primark and got some nice things x 

Shift Dress £13.00 Love this <3                                                        

I bought this pink bag, I love the shape and It goes with my purse lol

Effy bought this satchel, its really cute! x

Green coin purse £3.00

Gold hoops £2

Necklace £2

Pretty scarf £3

Random things we bought

MUA eyebrow pencil in dark brown £1 Superdrug

Insoles for our pumps £1

So Happy with what we bought, Right now I am going to have a shower and finish getting ready for college tomorrow. Can't wait to get back into routine! Miss all my friends :') Might do some shopping after college, so will post if we buy anything

Love you
Emilie xox


  1. That playsuit is too cute! Very mod-looking, I think. Wish I could snag one like that.