Saturday, 7 April 2012

Party all night.

Hey guys

Okay so last night Effy and I were at our friend from college "jades" house party on Friday night! It started off really good and we met some of her friends who were lovely and we were all having a great time, then some people started to get a bit annoying, but it didn't ruin the night! I ended up with massive scratches and bruises on my legs from falling in the garden goodness I think that was what was making me feel down cause it is so painful. We stayed with Jade that night and had such a laugh but didn't go to bed till 4am and I didn't sleep at all as I was in so much pain, we got up at 6am and went home and I went straight to bed and didn't wake up till 2pm it was bliss to have some sleep.

a bunch of us x

Effy, Myself, Pamela and Scott x

Effy, Myself and Richard <3

Will and I x

I took lots of photos but too many to upload! All in all it was a fun night, but just wish I could go back and change some of it

Emilie xox