Monday, 16 April 2012

I’m not in love cause I’m a mess.

Hey lovelies :)

Started back college again today and I actually had such a great little day! I forgot how much I just love being in the company of my amazing friends! Our first Run through went really well everybody was full of energy, it was great! Then went and had a gab and a bit of lunch with some of our friends, had an absolute banter! Actually thought I was going to be sick I was laughing so much, Love my friends <3 Erm going to another vintage faire this week with Effy and my friends Gemma and Will, should be good, hardly got any money though so wont be buying a lot wahhh ='(. Also need to go and see two plays as part of my course and the first one we are going to see is called "Snails + Ketchup" I am excited to see it as looks quite dark which is totally my kinda play ;D Should be a great week <3

Emilie <3


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