Sunday, 1 April 2012

Don't Make a Sound.....

Hey pretty people :)

So as I have been telling you guys Effy and I were house sitting on Saturday to Sunday. My aunty Frances came to pick us up on Saturday and we popped to the shops first and got some groceries, bought Q magazine. Then we went to her house and we unpacked and said goodbye to my aunt and uncle, then Effy and I watched Brides Maids, we forgot how funny it was!, then we went a little trip into town to get some munches and a dvd. We ended up buying a load of junk food and bought Trainspotting and the virgin suicides ( 2 of my fave movies! ) and had a girlie night <3 On Sunday we woke up early after having a rough sleep thanks to my aunties crazy cats! Then just showered, got dressed, went to see my Gran again and went home :) It was a pretty chilled fun little weekend.

Everything we bought! just basically junk food, alcohol, Dvd's and Frebreeze! haha :)

Two of my favourite movies <3 Especially Trainspotting

What I was wearing and my newly dyed hair <3

So I probably wont be able to blog until  later this week as I have my graded unit essays to write! Urgh I can never just get time to do nothing on a holiday =( Anyway, I am just going to get it out of the way! so I don't keep putting it off which is an awfully bad habit of mine. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! What do you all plan on doing with your time off?

Emilie xox


  1. What you were wearing looks really cute! I'm glad you had a relaxing weekend!

  2. Good luck with your essay writing! :) You look lovely xx

    1. Thank you babe :) I am all finished now thank goodness! haha and aw that's so sweet ^.^ xxx

  3. Mint aero balls, yum!! I agree with Vivian, your hair looks lovely :) xx

  4. Haha yes they are :) aww thank you so much that's so kind <3 xxxx