Friday, 6 April 2012

Brittle fingers and thin cigarettes

Hey lovely people!

Okay so the other day Effy and I went into town to meet Gemma as she was coming to ours for another sleepover :D We had some money as my granny gave Effy and I our "Easter Bunny Money" haha how cute is she <3 So we went into a couple different shops not really seeing anything we liked, and I was desperate to find an outfit for my friend Jade's party which is tonight. We went into river island and saw lots of things we loved which I had all the money in the world cause I would have bought everything haha. I found a beautiful playsuite and Effy found a cute little Aztec shirt, we were so pleased.

Black and White
Was £25, £12 in the sale :) - Riverisland

Aztec Shirt Was £25, £12 in the sale - Riverisland

                                                                                                  My hair and make up x

So pleased I got something to wear :)
Emilie xox                                                                                                                                          

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