Monday, 23 April 2012

On dark silhouettes, Collapse into dream.

Hey Dolls =)

So haven't blogged in ages, Been proper busy with college but its been fun, been having such a laugh with my friends which is what I need in my life right now. So went to Tesco with Effy yesterday for a random little trip needed to buy more of our compressed powder. Here is what we bought,  

Disney Bubble bath £1.50
Nair sensitive hair removal cream £1.05

Vivo Compact Powder in Buttermilk £2.99

Vivo Lipstick "Crushed Amethyst" £1.99

What I wore :) x

Emilie xox

Monday, 16 April 2012

I’m not in love cause I’m a mess.

Hey lovelies :)

Started back college again today and I actually had such a great little day! I forgot how much I just love being in the company of my amazing friends! Our first Run through went really well everybody was full of energy, it was great! Then went and had a gab and a bit of lunch with some of our friends, had an absolute banter! Actually thought I was going to be sick I was laughing so much, Love my friends <3 Erm going to another vintage faire this week with Effy and my friends Gemma and Will, should be good, hardly got any money though so wont be buying a lot wahhh ='(. Also need to go and see two plays as part of my course and the first one we are going to see is called "Snails + Ketchup" I am excited to see it as looks quite dark which is totally my kinda play ;D Should be a great week <3

Emilie <3

Sunday, 15 April 2012

You may be a lover but you aint no dancer.

Hey guys and girls!

I know I haven't blogged in a little while but I have been busy and needed batteries for my mums camera lol
Okay so a couple of days ago Effy and I went into town to meet up with Gemma and Holly for a little catch up we had some lunch and had a good catch up, It was such a laugh. After lunch we went for a little shop just strolling through random shops picking up little things, Effy and I had got some things before we met up also. It was such a good day :) I love the things we bought, they are proper cute and It was a great little day. Gemma came back to ours after it and we had a fun little slumber x

Shoes from new look £10.00 each
Effy got the white ones and I got the Striped ones

We went into a little shop called Rebel Rebel in the St Enoch centre and bought a few things :)

Rosary beads, £1 Love these they are so pretty :)

Cross t-shirt £5 Cant believe how cute this is x

Playsuit £20  love this x

We then went into International and bought these cute little bracelets x

Circle Religious bracelet £1.99 I already have a square one and I wear it everywhere, love them <3

Little day of the dead bracelet £2.99 this is so pretty x

We then had a little stroll through Primark and got some nice things x 

Shift Dress £13.00 Love this <3                                                        

I bought this pink bag, I love the shape and It goes with my purse lol

Effy bought this satchel, its really cute! x

Green coin purse £3.00

Gold hoops £2

Necklace £2

Pretty scarf £3

Random things we bought

MUA eyebrow pencil in dark brown £1 Superdrug

Insoles for our pumps £1

So Happy with what we bought, Right now I am going to have a shower and finish getting ready for college tomorrow. Can't wait to get back into routine! Miss all my friends :') Might do some shopping after college, so will post if we buy anything

Love you
Emilie xox

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Party all night.

Hey guys

Okay so last night Effy and I were at our friend from college "jades" house party on Friday night! It started off really good and we met some of her friends who were lovely and we were all having a great time, then some people started to get a bit annoying, but it didn't ruin the night! I ended up with massive scratches and bruises on my legs from falling in the garden goodness I think that was what was making me feel down cause it is so painful. We stayed with Jade that night and had such a laugh but didn't go to bed till 4am and I didn't sleep at all as I was in so much pain, we got up at 6am and went home and I went straight to bed and didn't wake up till 2pm it was bliss to have some sleep.

a bunch of us x

Effy, Myself, Pamela and Scott x

Effy, Myself and Richard <3

Will and I x

I took lots of photos but too many to upload! All in all it was a fun night, but just wish I could go back and change some of it

Emilie xox

Friday, 6 April 2012

Was it a Dream?

Hey guys!

Just wanted to do a quick little post to show you my recent purchases :) Oh and if you could all "Like" My mums Facebook page for her hairdressing business she would really appreciate it! <3

What we bought from Avon.....
Colour shampoo
Curling moose
Heat protective spray

My big sister bought us "Alice through the looking glass" from a little vintage store <3

 My Mum bought Effy and I this beautiful pony tail from, wait for it....the pound shop! and it was originally from Sally's :D
and was priced at £24.99 We love it x

That was all love everything we got :D and if again you could like my mums FB page it would be great!

Emilie xox

Brittle fingers and thin cigarettes

Hey lovely people!

Okay so the other day Effy and I went into town to meet Gemma as she was coming to ours for another sleepover :D We had some money as my granny gave Effy and I our "Easter Bunny Money" haha how cute is she <3 So we went into a couple different shops not really seeing anything we liked, and I was desperate to find an outfit for my friend Jade's party which is tonight. We went into river island and saw lots of things we loved which I had all the money in the world cause I would have bought everything haha. I found a beautiful playsuite and Effy found a cute little Aztec shirt, we were so pleased.

Black and White
Was £25, £12 in the sale :) - Riverisland

Aztec Shirt Was £25, £12 in the sale - Riverisland

                                                                                                  My hair and make up x

So pleased I got something to wear :)
Emilie xox                                                                                                                                          

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Don't Make a Sound.....

Hey pretty people :)

So as I have been telling you guys Effy and I were house sitting on Saturday to Sunday. My aunty Frances came to pick us up on Saturday and we popped to the shops first and got some groceries, bought Q magazine. Then we went to her house and we unpacked and said goodbye to my aunt and uncle, then Effy and I watched Brides Maids, we forgot how funny it was!, then we went a little trip into town to get some munches and a dvd. We ended up buying a load of junk food and bought Trainspotting and the virgin suicides ( 2 of my fave movies! ) and had a girlie night <3 On Sunday we woke up early after having a rough sleep thanks to my aunties crazy cats! Then just showered, got dressed, went to see my Gran again and went home :) It was a pretty chilled fun little weekend.

Everything we bought! just basically junk food, alcohol, Dvd's and Frebreeze! haha :)

Two of my favourite movies <3 Especially Trainspotting

What I was wearing and my newly dyed hair <3

So I probably wont be able to blog until  later this week as I have my graded unit essays to write! Urgh I can never just get time to do nothing on a holiday =( Anyway, I am just going to get it out of the way! so I don't keep putting it off which is an awfully bad habit of mine. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! What do you all plan on doing with your time off?

Emilie xox

The View are on fire!

Oh my goodness!! Effy and I are proper excited! So I just found out that one of our all time favourite bands "The View" are coming to Glasgow in July for the release of their summer album. I have just recently been to see them a couple of months ago but I actually screamed when I saw they were coming! This has totally made my year already haha! Not only are they coming in the summer but Glasgow will be their last gig of the tour so that means total madness and Effy and I will finally be 18!!! Aw Bliss <3 I can not explain how happy and excited I am right now, I will be looking forward to this for weeks to come! Got our Tickets :D!!!!