Friday, 9 March 2012

Shake it up.

Hey babes!

Okay so last week I had a mini haul in town as I had some spare cash I needed to spend! Haha for once :P
Oh and also, in college we have went into production finally! So I had to order my play off Amazon and It came very quickly so I was pleased :D
So here is what I bought...

Nose strips from Bodycare £1.99

Myself and Effy's plays :D £10.00

Cosmopolition £3.45

Clinique make up primer, free with Cosmo.
Actually really like this product :)

Loreal Paris perfect clean face scrub from Bodycare £2.99
Really recommend this product if you have combination skin like me It helps to get rid of dry skin :)

Thats all kiddies x

Emilie xoxo


  1. I was thinking of trying some pore strips, do they work well?
    shannon :-)