Wednesday, 28 March 2012

No one sees a thing but they can pretend

Hey guys!

How are we all? :)

Okay so after college on Monday, Effy and I bought a few little things as we still had some money left from the weekend. It was such a beautiful day and we went all over town looking for some nice little things. Oh and also on Monday night I went to my mums hair dressing course to get my hair dyed and trimmed It turned out lovely and I'm so pleased!

MUA Heaven and Earth pallet £4 Superdrug

Natural Collection Blush 3 for 2 boots

Natural Collection Eye shadow 3 for 2 boots

Natural Collection Lipstick 3 for 2 boots

In Natural Sheen

Bambi Nail Polish H&M £1.99

Collection 2000 nail polish in "Ninja" £1.75 boots

Clear make up bag £1.99 Primark

Make up bag £3.00 Primark

Burgundy dress Topshop £15.00

Play suite £6.00 Primark

Play suite £6.00 Primark  

Dark green vest £10.00 Topshop

Press on nails £1 Poundland

Emilie xoxo


  1. Ah i love that palette, I have it and its almost a dupe for the Naked palette :) Ooh what blush did you get? i took advantage of the 3 for 2 and these brushes too :)

    1. Yeah the colours are beautiful! and A few people have said that actually :) The blush is in "pink cloud" sorry I forgot to mention the shades D: oooo it is a very good deal :)

      Emilie xoxo