Sunday, 25 March 2012

Must be something very physical.

Hey guys and girls! Hope you are all enjoying the sun, as I certainly am!

So on Friday after college Effy and I went to stay with our friend Gemma! We had a good old chat and watched some movie's then decided to go to the cinema. We went to see "The Hunger Games" and it was actually amazing! It was full of action and suspense and was quite sad too. After that we came home and had a girlie night and watched some chick flicks. The next day we got up and got ready and went shopping, we spent £50 on underwear :D as we badly needed it. We went to ASDA after and got 2 little dresses in the sale and bought some make up drawers.

All Bras £5 - £7 From Primark!
All socks £2.50
Packs of Knickers £4 - £5
Single Pants £1.70

Well that was everything we bought! I love everything we got all the underwear in Primark is so pretty right now :D Hope you all have a great week <3

Emilie xox