Thursday, 29 March 2012

I told you and the world to leave me.

Hey my chers!

Well I have a very relaxed weekend planed! In which I am very excited about. Tomorrow I have college rehearsals until about 1pm and I get to see all my friends from the other group which I have missed very much! Then my Aunty Frances is coming over to pick myself and Effy up and we will be house sitting for the weekend which will be great as it will just be me and Effy with a house all to ourselves to take lots of picks and have a banter! We plan to have a proper girlie weekend so prepare for lots of silly photos.

Also so I want to give a shout out to my wonderful friends Effy, Gemma and Holly and hope you check out their great blogs.....

Effy's -

Gemma's -

Holly's -

Emilie xoxo


  1. AAA, can't wait for your silly photos! Say hi to your wonderful friends! I have in fact visited Effy's blog before, she's adorable! gonna go visit Holly and Gemma;-))))

  2. Aw thank you babe, and I will do! didn't actually get round to taking that many pics lol and aw they will love that <3