Thursday, 29 March 2012

I told you and the world to leave me.

Hey my chers!

Well I have a very relaxed weekend planed! In which I am very excited about. Tomorrow I have college rehearsals until about 1pm and I get to see all my friends from the other group which I have missed very much! Then my Aunty Frances is coming over to pick myself and Effy up and we will be house sitting for the weekend which will be great as it will just be me and Effy with a house all to ourselves to take lots of picks and have a banter! We plan to have a proper girlie weekend so prepare for lots of silly photos.

Also so I want to give a shout out to my wonderful friends Effy, Gemma and Holly and hope you check out their great blogs.....

Effy's -

Gemma's -

Holly's -

Emilie xoxo

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

No one sees a thing but they can pretend

Hey guys!

How are we all? :)

Okay so after college on Monday, Effy and I bought a few little things as we still had some money left from the weekend. It was such a beautiful day and we went all over town looking for some nice little things. Oh and also on Monday night I went to my mums hair dressing course to get my hair dyed and trimmed It turned out lovely and I'm so pleased!

MUA Heaven and Earth pallet £4 Superdrug

Natural Collection Blush 3 for 2 boots

Natural Collection Eye shadow 3 for 2 boots

Natural Collection Lipstick 3 for 2 boots

In Natural Sheen

Bambi Nail Polish H&M £1.99

Collection 2000 nail polish in "Ninja" £1.75 boots

Clear make up bag £1.99 Primark

Make up bag £3.00 Primark

Burgundy dress Topshop £15.00

Play suite £6.00 Primark

Play suite £6.00 Primark  

Dark green vest £10.00 Topshop

Press on nails £1 Poundland

Emilie xoxo

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Kiss me Kiss me

Hey guys!
Just wanted to show you guys what I bought from ASDA on Effy and I's random little haul :)

Pj's £5

The bunny shorts are so cute ^_^

Green blouse £5

Mod Dress £7

NME £2.40

Full of Jack White and Richey Edwards :D!!!! <3

Make up drawers £20 love these!

So that was all we bought, :)
Hope your all having a great weekend

Emilie xox

Must be something very physical.

Hey guys and girls! Hope you are all enjoying the sun, as I certainly am!

So on Friday after college Effy and I went to stay with our friend Gemma! We had a good old chat and watched some movie's then decided to go to the cinema. We went to see "The Hunger Games" and it was actually amazing! It was full of action and suspense and was quite sad too. After that we came home and had a girlie night and watched some chick flicks. The next day we got up and got ready and went shopping, we spent £50 on underwear :D as we badly needed it. We went to ASDA after and got 2 little dresses in the sale and bought some make up drawers.

All Bras £5 - £7 From Primark!
All socks £2.50
Packs of Knickers £4 - £5
Single Pants £1.70

Well that was everything we bought! I love everything we got all the underwear in Primark is so pretty right now :D Hope you all have a great week <3

Emilie xox

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

What's life like bleeding on the floor.

Hey Hey Its a beautiful morning :)

So on Sunday, Effy and I went to "Judy's affordable vintage fair" which was being held in Glasgow University. Effy and I ended up getting lost trying to find one of the little union buildings as they are so discrete goodness, anyway after asking random strangers for directions and walking for about 20 minutes we found the place and qued up outside. We were like second in the que and it was a beautiful sunny day (which is surprising for Glasgow!) When we got in there was two separate rooms full of little stalls with clothes and bags and jewellery, it was so much fun just looking through everything and we bought some nice things.

All the Jewellery we bought all £6 or under :)

Jumpers 2 for £16

I bought this one :)

Effy bought this one x

We ended up having a great day! I love everything we bought, Its all so cute. Then we came home and had a lazy day and got ready for college :)

Monday, 19 March 2012

The world was on fire and no one could save me but you.

Hello my lovely followers!

Okay so on Saturday Effy and I decided we haven't had a little day out in ages, so we got dressed up and went to the cinema to see "The devil Inside". It wasn't the best movie in the world but it was very jumpy and we kept screaming throughout the whole movie, it was such a laugh! then after the cinema we had a little ASDA trip where we bought "Breaking Dawn" and some frozen yoghurt and came home and lay in bed and watched it. It was actually really good :)

Make up and hair x

My outfit
Cardigain - Topshop
Skirt - Primark
T - shirt - H&M

Had such a good day :)
Emilie xox

Friday, 16 March 2012

Don't underestimate the things that I will do.

Hey guys!

Just a quick little blog to show you what I have bought recently

-The Runaways and Almost Famous £5
the runaways is actually one of my favourite movies right now <3

-The Vampire Diaries season 2 :)
Love the vampire diaries

My Grampa gave myself and Effy these Fabulous tartan shirts

This ones a greenish blue x

And this ones a redish grey colour x

Not a lot has happened this week still in rehearsals and finally picked my monologues and my lecturer likes them YAY Going to see The devil inside tomorrow with Effy and my Mum :D Excited! It looks so scary then on Sunday going to the Affordable Vintage Fair! I am actually soooooo excited I cant wait to buy lots of cute little things <3

Emilie xoxo

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I wasn't born to make you happy. I wasn't born to make you sad.

Hello my lovely readers,

So this week I have still been busy rehearsing and trying to decide on these bloody monologues! Practically been living in Waterstones urgh....Anyway done a bit of spending on Monday after college, It always makes me feel better, but I really have to stop buying make up I have too much :O Anyways here is what I bought....

Collection 2000 Cream Puff Lip cream in "Nude" from Boots

Collection 2000 Lipstick In "Vintage Rose" from Boots

Collection 2000 Lipstick in "Cherry Pop" from Boots

Bunny wall decoration from Waterstones £2,00

Postcard from Waterstones £0.60

My mum bought me these press on nail from savers
No idea how much they were, sorry x

Thats all really folks

Emilie xox

This will be the end of my life.

Hello babes :)

So on Saturday I got paid from college but only half -__- so I had a little bit of dosh to spend in town with Effy as we went on a shopping trip, always fun <3 Also this week been busy with production and still choosing monologues for graded unit, Had to spend £25 on two books was proper raging! Urgh hate wasting money I don't have. Also been in the library a lot, got a new card, its so cute!

Here is what we bought.....

Effy bought this bag from H&M £7.00

She also bought this blouse from Primark £8.00

I bought this suede skirt from Primark £4.00

I also bought this skirt from Primark £8.00
Its short at the front and long at the back its so pretty x

Sleek make up lipstick £3.99 from Superdrug

In matte "Vamp"

3 for 2 cleanser, toner and eye make up remover from Superdrug

Effy bought this notebook from The works for £1.99

Riverisland earrings £2.00

H&M shorts £7.00

H&M blouse £7.99

Love you
Emilie xox