Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Without me you got it all.

Hey Hey Hey!

So last Saturday myself and Effy had a little trip into town as we were meeting our friend Gemma as she was coming back to ours for a slumber, Coley arrived a little later. :) We had some money so decided to have a good old shop before we met up with Gemma. We basically were all over town picking up bits and bobs here and there. We ended up spending quite a bit of money as per, here is what we bought....

We went into a shop called bodycare which sells beauty products at very good prices!

Technic's "Prime it" Primer! basically the knock of Benefit, It is just the same as the Benefit one and only cost £2.99 Bargain :D

Technic's "Hight lights" Highlighter, also the knock off of Benefits Hight Beam, Really love this product gives you that extra little
added touch to your daily make up and it only cost £1.99

Carmex classic lip balm £1.99, I have seen this in shops like Topshop selling for £3.99 at this cheap price, I couldn't resist!

After Bodycare, we had a little gander in Primark to see what they had and we bought some cute things.

Effy and I each bought a pair of these black hot pants for college £5 each

Effy bought these hight waisted hot pants £10.00

I bought these green suede hot pants for £8 they are so comfy on and look very cute x

We then had a look in TKMaxx and Watt Brothers where we bought these beauties

This beautiful little perfume tin was only £5.00
Watt Brothers  

Inside: Lovely scented perfume and shower gel

Last but not least this amazing garden ornament that we bought for our room to keep all our make up in! How cute is it?! and it was only £20.00

That was all we bought folks :) We had a great little day and the sleep over was so much fun, we had a good chat and a horror movie fest! <3

Emilie xox

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