Thursday, 16 February 2012

Saying Oh please....I'm in love.

Hey babes :)

Okay so Effy and I have been on the hunt for Tesco's make up range "vivo" for pretty much ages now, so yesterday, on a whim, myself, Effy and my Dad all decided to go to the huge Tesco which is about 30 minutes away from us in search of this make up. When we arrived at the airport size Tesco we ventured in and went straight to the make up range but all I could see where stalls for Rimmel and Maxfactor etc. Then I turned around and spotted the very decent sized stall for "Vivo"  Effy and I were pleased as punch :) and spent about half an hour choosing what we wanted to buy, All the make up is very cheap and very high pigmented so definitely worth it, we bought a few bits and bobs and were actually so thrilled haha. Here is what we bought:

This is the beautiful 'Baked shimmer palette' in "Chocolate box" £6.00

This is very high pigmented and stays on for ages, the colours are beautiful very similar to some Mac products! and at less than half the price...

Inside, A blush and 4 eye shadows :)

This is the 'Compact powder' in "buttermilk - shade2"

The colours are very close to natural skin tones which is great and it leaves a very soft mate texture on your skin, really love this.

This is the 'Baked blush' in "Peaches and Cream"

Absolutely love this blush, its so subtle yet looks flawless in cant wait to use this more :)

And finally this is the 'lipstick' In "Pink pout" £1.99

This is a very lovely textured lipstick and is quite similar to some Mac ones, it feels nice on and lasts a while :)

Tesco were selling these little nail varnishes called, 'All about nails' for £0.99 each they are actually beautiful! This is in "Mulberry Pie"

This is in "Praline"

After Tesco's, we headed up to the little arcade and market stalls to look at some other things. We went into this little shop called 'Home Bargains' which just sells like groceries and home stuff, Effy and I bought some toiletries:

Radox for some relaxing time :)

Matey bubble bath which smells amazing!

Some Tangled bubble bath which also smells amazing! Its smells like milk shake :D

Imperial Leather talcum powder!

2 x Gillette razors which usually cost around £8 we got two 5 packs for £2!

200 cotton pads for make up removal

So that was really everything we bought, we just got some groceries to help Effy and I on our diet which we are doing great on btw :D

Love you
Emilie xox


  1. cute post, I've not seen this in tesco, I'll have to keep a look out ! xx

  2. Aw thank you babe! Aw you deffo should, It seems to mostly be in the bigger Tesco's :)


  3. love your purchases, really like the look of those makeup products xx

  4. i love the bubbble bath! i'm way too old for it but so tempted to get some haha x

  5. Vivian - Aw thank you x they are really good :D

    kb - D: you are never to old for bubble bath, im 17 goodness haha