Friday, 10 February 2012

Off to the races

Hey guys x

Just a little blog to some up my week.
Well basically on Monday, we didn't have to go into college until 1pm as there was one on one sessions still going on for out graded unit do when we arrived at college all we done was some improve for like 2 hours then L.J cancelled our last class so all in all it was a waste of a day, then went to visit my granny after college and we had a good little chat and then came home and went to bed. Tuesday was our day off, so Effy and I just had a well deserved lazy day and done some of our technical theatre homework and got our stuff ready for college. Wednesday was okay in college just done the usual work and afterwards Effy, Gemma, Richard and I went into town and had a little chat then came home. Thursday was actually a really amazing day, when we arrived at college we found out that all our lecturers were off sick, so we were all think "great another wasted day" but we ended up getting a substitute lecturer for the day called Yvonne, and she was amazing! she played some typical warm up drama games with us at first which we had such a laugh doing then she gave us a really motivational speech about our future and how things can help us in the industry. She also taught us some concentration exercises and skills to help us when preforming. All in all she was such a lovely teacher and I really feel I learned a lot form her, I hope she gets to teach us again some time in the future. Today I have just cleaned up a bit and I am going to a doctors appointment with Effy later then going to ASDA to get some shopping.

Love you

Emilie xoxo

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