Friday, 24 February 2012

I believe that were in this together!

Hey guys!

Just a little catch up blog for you all, as I have had a proper busy week :O

Okay so on Monday I had college and it was quite a productive day to be honest, in acting class we worked on movement and got put into groups and had to create moment piece to a certain song, in my group we just did this little interpretive ensemble which was quite good, but while rehearsing it, I 'stupidly'  walked in to the bannister and now I have a massive, very painful, yellow bruise on my hip D= !!! Also in voice, I got to preform my duologue which went really well so I was pleased I had a good Monday. On Tuesday, I practised my monologues all day as the assessment was on Wednesday, I felt it really helped a lot and I'm glad I got the extra practise in. Just spent the rest of the day doing washings and that. On Wednesday, my audition time was at 09:50, So Effy, Coley and I all went to a room and had some run through's which was fun. Then it was time, I walked to the door, done my 3 loud knocks and went in. The minute I walked in my nerves just suddenly went away and I felt absolutely fine :D I had my interview and answered all my questions properly and then preformed my 2 monologues perfectly and was nice and loud while saying them, I came out feeling proud and happy for once which was a relief. After that we had make up class where we preformed our singing and dance routine to cherry bomb by the runaways, it went great and we ended up winning haha! Thursday we had some more run through's of our duologue's which went good, then we had to create a  devised movement piece for movement class and in my group we made a ballet dance and some interpretive moves as we have a swan lake/black swan theme. That was fun and it looks really good :). Tonight I am going to see my favourite play "A Clockwork Orange" as the year above us are preforming it, I am quite looking forward to it and I will tell you all about it tomorrow :)

My outfit and hair for tonight x

Dress - Riverisland £30
Cardigan - H&M £19.99

Hope you all have a great weekend

Emilie xox

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