Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Let me see your Jazz hands


Okay so my Jazz shoes arrived this morning and I came home to open them, I was actually excited haha I'm so sad....Lol I have had such a busy week with auditions and tomorrow I have my audition for our class production where we have to preform a monologue and a movement piece, mines are going quite well. I am actually excited for tomorrow :D

The parcel they arrived in :)

The little bag they came in, so cute! <3

The cutest little shoes ever! £15.95

Me wearing them, goodness I know my ankles look rather fat in this, but honestly they are swollen from rehearsing my movement piece! I also have numerous bruises and skint knees :O

Well that's all guys, hope you have all had a great week, I know my has certainly been stressful

Emilie xox

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Hands are all twisted, pointing at me.

Hey my lovely followers !

Okay so on my last blog I forgot to tell you about "A clockwork Orange" when we went to see it on Friday. Well it was amazing! they all preformed very well and the boy playing 'Alex' really did the character justice, Effy, Coley and I had a really fun night.

Also on Sunday when we were talking Coley and Gemma home, we had a little random spend in town and bought some cute little things 

Effy bought this cute little compact mirror as she keeps losing all hers

H&M - £1.99

Effy and I bought a lip scrub and it is a life saver product when it comes to dry lips

Lush - Bubble gum lipscrub £4.99

We went into Superdrug as I also love spending money on make up

Superdrug - NYC lipstick in 'blue rose' £1.99

Also we bought these cute chunky key rings for ours keys and bag

H&M - £1.99 each

And lastly this beautiful scented body spray which smells like summer in a bottle, perfect for college after jumping about all day!

H&M - £1.99 

After town, we just came home and gutted our room and learned a duologue for Monday which went good. 

Emilie xox 

Without me you got it all.

Hey Hey Hey!

So last Saturday myself and Effy had a little trip into town as we were meeting our friend Gemma as she was coming back to ours for a slumber, Coley arrived a little later. :) We had some money so decided to have a good old shop before we met up with Gemma. We basically were all over town picking up bits and bobs here and there. We ended up spending quite a bit of money as per, here is what we bought....

We went into a shop called bodycare which sells beauty products at very good prices!

Technic's "Prime it" Primer! basically the knock of Benefit, It is just the same as the Benefit one and only cost £2.99 Bargain :D

Technic's "Hight lights" Highlighter, also the knock off of Benefits Hight Beam, Really love this product gives you that extra little
added touch to your daily make up and it only cost £1.99

Carmex classic lip balm £1.99, I have seen this in shops like Topshop selling for £3.99 at this cheap price, I couldn't resist!

After Bodycare, we had a little gander in Primark to see what they had and we bought some cute things.

Effy and I each bought a pair of these black hot pants for college £5 each

Effy bought these hight waisted hot pants £10.00

I bought these green suede hot pants for £8 they are so comfy on and look very cute x

We then had a look in TKMaxx and Watt Brothers where we bought these beauties

This beautiful little perfume tin was only £5.00
Watt Brothers  

Inside: Lovely scented perfume and shower gel

Last but not least this amazing garden ornament that we bought for our room to keep all our make up in! How cute is it?! and it was only £20.00

That was all we bought folks :) We had a great little day and the sleep over was so much fun, we had a good chat and a horror movie fest! <3

Emilie xox

Friday, 24 February 2012

I believe that were in this together!

Hey guys!

Just a little catch up blog for you all, as I have had a proper busy week :O

Okay so on Monday I had college and it was quite a productive day to be honest, in acting class we worked on movement and got put into groups and had to create moment piece to a certain song, in my group we just did this little interpretive ensemble which was quite good, but while rehearsing it, I 'stupidly'  walked in to the bannister and now I have a massive, very painful, yellow bruise on my hip D= !!! Also in voice, I got to preform my duologue which went really well so I was pleased I had a good Monday. On Tuesday, I practised my monologues all day as the assessment was on Wednesday, I felt it really helped a lot and I'm glad I got the extra practise in. Just spent the rest of the day doing washings and that. On Wednesday, my audition time was at 09:50, So Effy, Coley and I all went to a room and had some run through's which was fun. Then it was time, I walked to the door, done my 3 loud knocks and went in. The minute I walked in my nerves just suddenly went away and I felt absolutely fine :D I had my interview and answered all my questions properly and then preformed my 2 monologues perfectly and was nice and loud while saying them, I came out feeling proud and happy for once which was a relief. After that we had make up class where we preformed our singing and dance routine to cherry bomb by the runaways, it went great and we ended up winning haha! Thursday we had some more run through's of our duologue's which went good, then we had to create a  devised movement piece for movement class and in my group we made a ballet dance and some interpretive moves as we have a swan lake/black swan theme. That was fun and it looks really good :). Tonight I am going to see my favourite play "A Clockwork Orange" as the year above us are preforming it, I am quite looking forward to it and I will tell you all about it tomorrow :)

My outfit and hair for tonight x

Dress - Riverisland £30
Cardigan - H&M £19.99

Hope you all have a great weekend

Emilie xox

Hey baby, here I am.

Hey guys!

So last week after the day after the party Effy and I went out with my Auntie Frances and My granny for a little shopping. We went over to Breahead which is a massive shopping centre for a look around as it was too cold to go town! They have a giant, and I mean giant Primark so we went in for a gander. Effy and I bought some stuff and so did Gran and Frances. After shopping we went to The Picture House restaurant in Rutherglen which is so lovley and had a nice meal and a drink, oh and I also bought some more "Vivo" make up from Tesco :)

Effy bought this bucket bag £9

And also this pure £4

I bought this cute little pure £4

3 wire hair bands £1.50 each

Rose hair band £2

Press on nails £1 each

Pack of bobbles £1

Nail varnish from Tesco £0.99 each

In Liquorice and Cashmere

Vivo Lipstick in Barely There £1.99

It turned out to be a fun little day :) and I love the things we bought xx

Emilie xox

Latest Avon Purchases :)

Hey my lovely people :)

Here is a little post to show you my latest Avon purchases x

24k gold radiant foundation in "Shell" (2 for £10 deal)

This goes on really well and is a lovely colour x

24k gold eye liner in "Dark Grey" (2 for £10 deal)

This is so soft and easy to apply, love the colour and it also has a little smudge brush at the end.  

Tummy toner £10

Cant wait to start using this, its so great and a bargain at £10!

That's all I bought guys and girls

Emilie xox

Sunday, 19 February 2012

I like my beats fast, And my bass down low

Hey my lovelies x

On Friday it was my friend, Richards, 19th birthday party and Effy and I and the college crew were all going so Effy and I got up early and spent all day getting ready, which was fun. We headed into town to meet Will and Kelly as we were all getting the bus together. Effy and I got soaked -__- but managed to salvage our hair thank goodness. When we got there we said hello to everyone, as some of Richards friends were there who we had never met before, they were all lovely and chatty which was great. We all had a good drink and dance :) Was so much fun, they we ended up staying with Richard as it was too late to go home oops lol All in all it was a great night and I had such a laugh, I really do love my friends <3

Jade, Richard and I x

Some of the guys having a chat x

Will and I x

We look like the breakfast club or something haha x

There was far to many photos to show them all haha but I hope you all had a lovely weekend

Emilie xox

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Saying Oh please....I'm in love.

Hey babes :)

Okay so Effy and I have been on the hunt for Tesco's make up range "vivo" for pretty much ages now, so yesterday, on a whim, myself, Effy and my Dad all decided to go to the huge Tesco which is about 30 minutes away from us in search of this make up. When we arrived at the airport size Tesco we ventured in and went straight to the make up range but all I could see where stalls for Rimmel and Maxfactor etc. Then I turned around and spotted the very decent sized stall for "Vivo"  Effy and I were pleased as punch :) and spent about half an hour choosing what we wanted to buy, All the make up is very cheap and very high pigmented so definitely worth it, we bought a few bits and bobs and were actually so thrilled haha. Here is what we bought:

This is the beautiful 'Baked shimmer palette' in "Chocolate box" £6.00

This is very high pigmented and stays on for ages, the colours are beautiful very similar to some Mac products! and at less than half the price...

Inside, A blush and 4 eye shadows :)

This is the 'Compact powder' in "buttermilk - shade2"

The colours are very close to natural skin tones which is great and it leaves a very soft mate texture on your skin, really love this.

This is the 'Baked blush' in "Peaches and Cream"

Absolutely love this blush, its so subtle yet looks flawless in cant wait to use this more :)

And finally this is the 'lipstick' In "Pink pout" £1.99

This is a very lovely textured lipstick and is quite similar to some Mac ones, it feels nice on and lasts a while :)

Tesco were selling these little nail varnishes called, 'All about nails' for £0.99 each they are actually beautiful! This is in "Mulberry Pie"

This is in "Praline"

After Tesco's, we headed up to the little arcade and market stalls to look at some other things. We went into this little shop called 'Home Bargains' which just sells like groceries and home stuff, Effy and I bought some toiletries:

Radox for some relaxing time :)

Matey bubble bath which smells amazing!

Some Tangled bubble bath which also smells amazing! Its smells like milk shake :D

Imperial Leather talcum powder!

2 x Gillette razors which usually cost around £8 we got two 5 packs for £2!

200 cotton pads for make up removal

So that was really everything we bought, we just got some groceries to help Effy and I on our diet which we are doing great on btw :D

Love you
Emilie xox

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Scream loud, What will save us?

Hey everyone!

Okay so yesterday myself and Effy, decided to take a little trip into town and spend the remains of our very little money on make up! Haha we literally walked all over town in search of goodies and random little finds, so here is what we bought.

our gatherings :)

My mother kindly bought us this little teen magazine as it had 2 lip glosses free with it they are actually really good, the shades are pink pout and coral crush.

The calorie book I was telling you guys about in my previous blog, its really helpful and gives you supermarket counters as well

Accessorize translucent face powder £6.00 superdrug
This powder is amazing, it gives a great finish and suits any skin tone and the case is beautiful with a cute little powder puff x

The front cover is so pretty, sorry for the rubbish photos we left it till night to take the pics so had to use the flash D:

Maybelline dream nude air foam foundation in "cameo" £6.99 from boots

This is so amazing! it comes out like moose and spreads evenly and you feel like you aren't wearing any foundation at all which is great for your skin as it isn't pulling at it.

Rimmel lasting finish 1000 kisses lip tint in "timeless tango" £5.99 Superdrug

Really works, lasted all day even when drinking and licking lips :)

MUA black eye liner £1.00 Superdrug

Superdrug nose strips £2.39

but you only get 4 inside which is quite disappointing

Cute bunny ears from Pound land

Couldn't resist, I mean look how cute they are :D

Well that's all guys, hope you are all having a lovely week

Emilie xox