Sunday, 29 January 2012

My girl, My girl don't lie to me.

Hello my babes!

Okay so I haven't been blogging as much as I have been wanting to lately as I have been terribly unwell, went to the doctors and found out I had an infection in my right lung so I have been basically bed ridden for like 2 weeks, Its been horrible! But I will will show you guys some little purchases I have made when I have been able to get out.

Benefit "They're Real" from boots £18.00

This mascara is actually amazing! x

17 Photo Flawless foundation in fair

Really nice finish to this foundation

Thigh high socks from Topshop £3.00

Effy bought this Marc B bag from Topshop It was £20.00 reduced from £49.00 :D

She also bought this Jacket from Primark at only £15 Bargain!

That was all we bought as we were staying with my friend Gemma that night and I was at the start of getting unwell so didn't really feel like shopping :O Shocking I know, that proves im not well haha!!!
We had so much fun at Gemma's house, her family are so lovely and we just took photos and had a chat all night :) x

Us being silly haha <3

Well thats all folks, I will try to blog more regularly :)

Love you all



  1. Love the last picture!

  2. Haha aw thank you :)
    we fell over quite a few times trying to get it right :P