Sunday, 15 January 2012

I just want to live

Hello all my lovely people :)

Okay so I have been major busy with college been studying and learning so many lines so haven't really been up to much the last couple of days.
So the other day my friend from college, Gemma, stayed with Effy and I and we just had a good chat and watched some movies and the usual girly stuff :) Then the next day we all decided to go shopping as I was going to buy a watch from urban outfitters but they had no left so I was quite disappointed :( We ended up meeting with Gemma's friend Emma, she was so lovely :) we helped her buy a dress for her 18th then decided we would all go to the cinema. We went to see New Years Eve and to be honest it was really quite good, it was both funny and sad which is always great haha. Then Effy and I went to asda and had a little random splurge on silly things and came home and went to bed nice and early :)

We bought a message board for all our to do lists and stuff, with a photo of some of my college friends all posing haha <3 £5.00

Dexter season 4 £15.00

Love Dexter :)

A random pair of underwear £1.00 they were cute :P

Finally got some more vitamins <3

Oh and a couple of weeks ago Effy and I got our Ipods <3 Love my baby! xxx


That is all my beauties, I am now going to have a lush bath and go over my monologues which I am being assessed on tomorrow D:


Emilie xox


  1. well you girl bought some great things!


  2. I haven't seen new years eve yet :( so many people are raving about so I'm going to check it out soon!

  3. Yeah its quite good, not the greatest movie in the world but deffo worth checking out xxxxx