Friday, 30 November 2012

You hold me in the dark when storms arrive.

Hey Girls.

College has still been using every second of my time so blogging has been sparse as of recent, but hey ho I finally have some time to do a little post for you beautiful people.

Okay so a couple of days ago I noticed Primark had started doing stick on eye-liners for only £1.50 so I thought, no way I can pass on these! so I purchased 2 packets and can't wait to try them.

You get two different styles of flicks, you simply peel of with tweezers and apply to the eyelid.

Sorry for the bad photo, but here I am wearing the singular flicks. They work brilliantly for my eyes as I have slightly hooded eyes, therefore it is harder to get even flicks

I would really recommend theses, as they are fast and easy to use and you cant go wrong at £1.50! 
Emilie xox  

Saturday, 17 November 2012

we don't need to be liked!

Hey guys!
Been trying to keep up with blogging recently as I never seem to have time these days, so basically not a lot has happened over the last few days. Been swamped with college  work and rehearsals. But at the weekend myself, Effy and Holly all decided we needed a girly night at the dancing! so we headed to Garage and had such an amazing night, we got absolutely wrecked and so much drama happened haha!

Myself and Effy before we left <3

Today I had a day off college but decided to go in for a run through of our movement piece, it was a laugh but a bit of a wasted day to be honest. After college we done a bit of shopping and ended up spending a fortune! really need to stop impulse buying as it is Christmas soon!
1: Floral dress £10.00 Primark
2: Playsuit £7.00 Primark
3: Floral Blouse £5.00 Primark
4: duck egg blue dress £16.00 Primark
5: Studded Jacket £10.00 Primark
6: 80's Leggings £5.00 Primark
7: MUA Artiste pallet £6.00, Sleek eyebrow kit £8.99 Both Superdrug

Emilie xox

Friday, 9 November 2012

I cried for you on the kitchen floor.

Hey girls :)
So all of  last week myself and Effy were house/cat sitting for my auntie who was away on holiday. It was fun having the house to ourselves just to study and rehearse in peace and quiet, we also had some friends over for a little drink which was such a laugh :) So behind on blogging as a result of it though haha. We had college so it was just basically a normal week with no sleep thanks to the cats! they are cute though :) Here is  what we bought from random trips into town.... 

1: Paisley leggings £9.00 New Look 2: Dogtooth cropped trousers £11.00 New Look 3: Tartan Dress £13.00 New Look 4: Sparkly Leggings £5.00 Primark 5: Pink Glitter Hotpants £15.00 Rebel Rebel 6: Multi coloured Clutch £6.00 Primark 7: Studded Suede Small Clutch £2.00 Primark 8: Tartan Scarf (Present from Holly <3) £7.99 New Look 9: Rings £4.99 H&M 10: Cross Earrings £2.50 Topshop 11: Cross Bangle £2.50 Topshop 12: Rare Pearls Perfume £6.00 Avon

Oh and this is my Halloween costume, I went Burlesque, sorry its not the best picture :P

Emilie xox

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Lily Cole; Make Up Review!

Hey people x
Sorry for this overdue post! but I finally have five minutes to myself in order to do my Lily Cole make up review. So recently I purchased two blushers and a primer from the "Lily Cole" range in The Body Shop, and the amazing thing was that it was all on sale :) it was also a 3 for 2 deal and it was all about £2.50 each total bargain! 

Lip and Check Dome in "Pinch me Pink" & "Crazy for Coral" £2.50 - The Body Shop
To apply this blush you can either rub it straight on to your face or use your finger/a brush, both work just as good, This applies as a cream like texture which makes it easier to spread on your face. It is a very light pink compared to the actual colour of the dome which is better, as hot pink is to harsh for my completion. The coral is also very light and subtle and goes lovely with paler skin tones. They are both lovely for everyday wear or apply it darker for a night out. I would definitely recommend these, they are one of my new favourite blushers! 

Pearl Radiance Primer £2.50 - The Body Shop
I absolutely adore this primer. It applies as a kind of transparent liquid with hints of shimmery pink and acts as the perfect base for blush and/or eye-shadow. I use it every time I wear make up and it keeps my skin feeling and looking hydrated. Totally recommend.

Hope these reviews were useful <3
Emilie xox 

I see a bad moon rising.

Hey guys just a quick little Haul post that I was meant to do last week, so behind on blogging! 

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Confusion in her eyes.

So I have totally enjoyed my October week off! It was much needed, I can tell you that :) My back is feeling better and all my cuts and bruises are finally healing, mind you, one day back and they will all reappear no doubt. I have done so much over this week and have really enjoyed just having fun and relaxing. I went to the Theatre last Friday, to see "Medea" with Effy, William and Helena and it was fantastic! I was so inspired and was dying to get up and do some acting! Then on the Saturday Myself, Effy and my Mum all went to the cinema to see "Sinister" It was absolutely terrifying and I kept screaming like a mad woman the whole way through it. Then I had a lazy Sunday, Then on the Monday my friend Will had a "Steamover" which is basically a sleepover but with lots of alcohol haha myself, Effy and my bestie Holly all went and we had a total banter we also went to see "House at the end of the street" which was also pretty scary. It was a great laugh <3 Myself, Effy and Holly all went on a massive shopping day and bought lots and then had a lovely long chat in Starbucks.
Here is what we bought....

1 - Lilly Cole make up 3 for 2 on sale from the Body Shop. 2 - Lilly Cole make up bag £2.50 The body shop. 3 - Glitter pure £5.00 Accessorize. 4 - Vintage soft leather bag £18.00 Miss Selfridge 5 - Play suite £15.00 Urban outfitters. 6 - Joy Division tee £15.00 Urban Outfitters. 7 - Studded jumper £5.00 Primark.  8 - Tartan shirt £8.00 Primark. 9 - Tweed shorts £12.00 Primark. 10 - Paisley shirt £15.00 New Look.    11 - white bow shirt £20.00 River Island . 12 - metallic collar shirt £10.00 River Island.

I will be doing reviews on the Lilly Cole make up soon :)   
Emilie xox

Thursday, 18 October 2012

I’m sorry you’re in so deep

Hey guys & girls :)
Here is my recent Avon purchase's 

1: Colour trend lipstick in "Violet Friday" £2.99
2: Naturals Superfruit soufflé conditioner £0.99
3: Barbie Perfume £4.00
5: Blackberry & Vanillia bubble bath £0.99
5: Naturals shower gel 'Berry' £0.99 & Footworks Berry & Vanilla foot scrub £2.00
9: Best friend bangles Claire's Accessories £5.00   

Emilie xox

Friday, 12 October 2012

She don't do drugs but she does the pill

Hey bloggers <3
So finally I have a full week off college as it is the October week! and I can safely say it couldn't have come at a better time. I am extremely exhausted from college work and are covered in bruises and have pulled a muscle in my hopefully this week will give me time to recover. I have been randomly spending on things the last couple of week and this is just a little summary post of what I have bought.

1: Purse - Primark £4.00
2: "To be or not to be" Notebook - Tkmaxx £6.99
3: Blood capsules for my college devised performance - Tam Sheppard's joke store £2.99
4: Make up back - H&M £2.99
5: Fake blood and make up sticks for college - ASDA £1.00 each
6: New shoes <3 - Evans £25.00
7: Effy's new heels - Evans £32.00
8: Beautiful Jeans! - Topshop £38.00
9 & 10 Sleek sheen lipstick in "Liqueur" - Superdrug £4.99
11: Effy masks for college - ASDA £1.50 each 

Emilie xox

Sunday, 7 October 2012

I'm to young to feel this old!

Hey everyone! just a quick little post to show you my recent haul!
I have been so busy with rehearsals for my devised piece in college I haven't been able to just have 5 minutes to myself to blog! Goodness, so stressing....
All from Primark Except from the Dry shampoo which was from Superdrug.

Emilie xox 

Friday, 28 September 2012

Avon purchases and reviews.

Hey guys! 
This is my recent Avon purchases and reviews on each product.

1: Country Rose Jewellery Mannequin £8.00. 2: Naturals cherry & nutmeg linen spray 99p. Solutions oil balancing foaming cleanser £2.00. 3:  Naturals super fruit soufflé hair treatment 99p 4: Naturals strawberry and white chocolate shower gel 99p Naturals strawberry and white chocolate body scrub 99p

Solutions Oil balancing foaming cleanser (for face) £2.00
Naturally I have quite good skin, I have been lucky that way but recently I have been experiencing some dry patches which I think is due to stress. So I decided to try this facial wash. It comes out as a very light and soft foam which feels great on the skin which I love as skin is very delicate!! It spreads very evenly and takes ALL of your make up off even water proof mascara :D basically this is one of the best facial washes I have ever bought and it was only £2!!! Its improved my skin greatly and helped make sure all my make up was off. Definitely recommend!!! 5 stars!

Naturals Super Fruit soufflé hair treatment (Conditioner) 99p
I'm always unsure about trying new conditioners as I have naturally oily hair and like to use specific ones that I know and trust. But this looked and smells amazing so thought I would give it a try. I was impressed with the results, Its just as good as any other conditioner I have used and it leaves your hair smelling beautiful and soft, would definitely recommend this! 5 stars!

Naturals strawberry and white chocolate shower gel and body scrub 99p each
Basically these both smell amazing! the smells lasts a good while too! They are delicate on the skin and do there job. The scrub is lovely and soft on the but stills ex foliates well. Would recommend. 5 Stars

Hope these reviews are useful, any questions, email me
Emilie xox

Monday, 24 September 2012

You can't edit me. No. No. No.

Hey babes!

So I know I haven't blogged in so long, but I am still swamped with college work and I never get in till very late so I'm always to tired to blog :( But I am going to try and keep on top of it! So last Tuesday the Buchanan Galleries ( which is a shopping centre in Glasgow) was having a student lock in where all the shops were doing discounts which was pretty great :D It was part of freshers week. So myself, Effy and a couple of college friends all went and bought a few things. I hardly bought anything as I didn't want to to crazy as I have spending a fortune lately. However it was my friends 18th birthday party and I needed an outfit, so I bought that!

Lace bow tie collared blouse £35.00 Miss Selfridge 

Black skater skirt £16.00 RiverIsland

Suede Leotard £6.99

3 1/4 length leggings £5.99

Crystal earrings £3.99 H&M, Coloured jewel heart earrings £3.99 New Look 

Maxfactor flipstick colour effect in 'Bloomy Pink' £7.99, Models Own nail polish in 'Copper Pot' £5.00

Yesterday I went to ASDA with my mum to get a few odds and ends and ended up spending a small fortune, I really need to stop doing that! this is what I bought....

Black cropped leggings for college £12.00

Coat hangers £1.00 Tights £4.00

nspa sweet raspberry body mist £3.00 This smells divine!!

Dexter season 5 & Supernatural season 6 both £15.00

organizers for college £2.00 each

Bra £6.00

Underwear £2.50

So that is all I have bought recently! Ordered my Halloween costume also so will show you guys that soon!
and tomorrow I will be posting my Avon purchases and reviews.
Hope your all enjoying life right now, I sure am :D 

Emilie xox

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Don't make me cry.


A couple of days ago Effy and I came across this cute little website called which sells the most beautiful jewellery! and could not resist not buying anything. So we both decided to buy a necklace each.

Davy Jones Cameo necklace £12.00, 18th Century Romance necklace £10.00

Effy bought the Davy Jones one and I bought the 18th Century one. Aren't they just simply beautiful!
They also came in a little waxed sealed bag which was adorable! You should all check out the website, they stuff is amazing!

Oh also as you all know myself and Effy are obsessed with the band "The View" and they are playing again in the Barrolands in Glasgow so of course Effy and I got tickets :D

Cannot wait <3

Yesterday Effy, my friend Nikki and I all went to the cinema to see "The Possession" It was really good! we all kept screaming and jumping haha. Effy and I bought a few little random things before we went in as we have our friends birthday party coming up!

Effy bought this little 20's dress from RiverIsland £20.00

I bought this stunning jacket RiverIsland £36.00

And we just got a little crop top from Topshop £6.00

That about sums up my weekend as I have been so busy learning all these bloody lines! But I am hopefully going to go shopping with Effy tomorrow so might have a few more goodies to show you 

Love you all 
Emilie xox

Friday, 14 September 2012

Don't lean on my world.

Hey guys!

So been really busy from college, we have only just finished our second week and I have already done 3 assessments, had a tone of homework, a monologue and 2 scripts to learn! Goodness, so stressing! However I am so loving college its amazing, I love being there. Anyway, I haven't been able to blog recently as I have been so busy with everything, and I am loaded with the cold, its ridiculous. This is just a little post to show you my recent haul! Oh and Effy and I have recently purchased an iPhone 4s which we are addicted  too :) x

No7 pressed power in "Crème Bloom" £8.50 and Foundation in "Calico" £9.95

Floral bag £3.00 Primark

Doctor's bag £14 Matalan

black stretch vest £3.00 Primark

Black thick leggings £6.00 Primark

Sheer metallic vest £7.00 Primark

Black leotard £6.00 Primark

Knickers £1.50 - £2.00 Primark

NME £2.40 Tesco

Moccasins slippers £6.00 Matalan 

Limited edition Canvas bag £6.25 Lush

Charity pot hand cream £1.00 Lush

Glitter hot pants £20.00 Urban Outfitters 

Aztec shorts £12.00 Primark

Book for college £2.00 used book website 

Night shirt £7.00 Primark

Friday, 7 September 2012

Get your feet back on the ground!


So my Benefit products finally arrived, I am a happy bunny right now :)
I ordered the B.right radiant skincare pack. Which contains all the smaller versions of each product. They are the cutest little bottles ever! and they work wonders. 

You also get 3 free samples with your purchase.

The pack contains:

1 Foamingly Clean Facial Wash
1 Moisture Prep Toning Lotion 
1 Total Moisture Facial Cream 
1 It's Potent! Eye Cream
1 Triple Performing Facial Emulsion
1 Refining Finish Facial Polish

I absolutely adore this skincare range and might invest in the larger versions when I have used up all of these ones. 

Emilie xox

Monday, 3 September 2012

Primark A/W Wishlist!

Hey bloggers :)

Recently I have been looking through Primarks Autumn/Winter log book and I have absolutely fell in love! Their stuff this year is beautiful, very 70's and 80's which is why I love it :)
There was so much to choose from in the log books and I literally loved everything! But obviously i can't show you everything, wouldn't have enough space haha! But these are my ultimate favourites which I plan to purchase when they come into the stores.

80's Styled high waisted leggings. Absolutely love these, they will look great with a cute crop top.

Burgundy tweed styled coat. I have to say this is one of my favourites and will look beautiful for a night out on the town :). 

Beige check cropped trousers. They have these in stores right now, just have to get in and buy myself them :D

Woollen sequence collared jumper. This beauty will be great in the winter with some cropped trousers.

Hounds tooth suede gloves. These will be lovely and warm in the winter and will look great with a stylish coat or jacket.

Navy blue coat. I love this coat its very retro and will keep you lovely and warm in the winter 

Grey Tweed styled coat. This is grey version of the burgundy coat and it is also stunning, cant decide which one I like better :) 

I have had a couple of Primark hauls which I have posted recently which features alot of the A/W range if you want to check them out.
I can't wait to get my hands of some of these beauties.

Emilie xox