Wednesday, 14 December 2011

What you waiting for!


Just a quick little Blog to tell you all of my recent happenings.

So basically in college we decided to do a secrete Santa as we are all poor students haha so we drew names from a hate and I got Will one of my close friends so I was quite chuffed haha I don't knwo what to get him yet, need to have a good think :) Oh and also on Wednesday Richard also one of my close friends, gave out his Christmas cards which were so sweet! he left us all little funny messages in them and then he gave all of the group (the plastics)  a little reindeer teddy which had chocolates in it! Oh my goodness it was so cute! It actaully made my day I love it! I decided to call my teddy Stanley :)

(L - R )

Myself with Stanley, Holly with Poochy, Coley with Cardinal and Effy with Rufus <3

My college class <3 we all look so serious as we are ready to jump in the pic but it took to early haha xxx

Today I had the best day ever in college, we all had such a laugh and finally done some stress free acting haha. Also we had a test which we all passed :) Then we all took some crazy photos and had such a laugh.
After college myself, Effy, Richard and Gemma went into town and done some light shopping and bought out secret Santa presents. I bought Will a Photo frame with a photo of himself in it which he loves haha he is so vain <3 I also bought him a huge candy cane and am going to find a little something extra to get him. Effy bought Richard a book from water stones and then I bought a little jumper from primark to keep me warm haha <3 T'was a fun little day...wish holly and coley were there though <3



  1. Everything sounds so great! That is one fantastic thing about this time of year....great for seeing friends!

  2. Aw thank you :) x
    aw yeah thats the best thing :D

    Merry Christmas xxxx

  3. seems you had great fun!! lovely pictures :)