Friday, 23 December 2011

Thunder only happens when its raining.

hello lovelies!

I have had a very busy week with college, Christmas and everything haha! So on Tuesday ,like I have been going on about all week, myself and Effy had The View :D! and It was amazing! words cannot describe how much we enjoyed ourselves. We showed up at half 6 and the doors opened at 7. We usually never do that in case we don't get to the front but when we arrived hardly anyone was lined up. literally 5 or 6 people were standing in the que, so Effy and I just slipped in behind them and waited for the doors to open. When we got into the hall everyone was so busy buying drink that no one was at the barrier so Effy and I went right to the front and stood in the middle :).  perfect view. The first support band called the bear trap were okay to be honest, not the greatest band in the world but decent to listen to :) The second was a girl called Carly Connor, and oh my goodness! she was amazing! she was better than Amy Winehouse seriously and I love Amy! haha and the best thing was both support bands were Scottish as is the view :D Then the View came on and Effy and I and the whole crowd went mental haha The View were amazing just like last time and they sang all our favourite songs and Effy and I danced like crazy. At the end they didn't really throw anything, but the drummer crazy Mo was looking for someone to give the set/song list to and I was surround by lots of grubby boys and he spotted me and passed it straight to me :D I died inside haha <3 Then Effy and I headed home and had to run 100 miles and hour to get the bus but got there in the end and came home and went to bed. Then the next day I woke up I noticed I was dying and in so much pain which was coming from my hips mostly so I very wearily pulled my top up to reveal two big massive ugly bruises masked my hips! They are actually horrible and hurt so much but to be honest they were worth it as I had such a great time. ( All photos I took at the gig )

We went on Tuesday the 20th in Glasgow x

The song list which Mo so kindly gave me :D

Its a bit tore here but I fixed it all up now and it looks great :)

Kyle <3

I have hundreds more photos I could show you, but it would take to long haha

Basically it was one of the best nights Effy & I have had in a while, Cant wait to see them for the third time :D

Emilie xox

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