Friday, 23 December 2011

Never wanted to dance with nobody but you.

Hey beautiful people :)

Okay so remember I was telling you all about secret Santa in college well here is a quick little post to show you what I got :D Thanks to Helena who got my name, I love it <3

The little box it came in :)

Inside a bath set which smells like cocktails its so cute :D Cant wait to use it

As Effy's name wasn't picked Will, in my class also, bought Effy a little something which was so sweet of him <3

A little tea cup with a cute snowman inside :D

Oh and my big sisters boyfriend, Paul gave us our Christmas presents early as we wont see him on Christmas.  He bought us each a beautiful masquerade mask and a lovely fan! <3

They are so pretty :) we love them! Thank you paul x

Emilie xox