Monday, 26 December 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone x

Hey everyone!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and got loads of nice things!
I thought I would do a blog showing you most of the thing I got as I plan on doing some reviews of the make up and products I got.

Okay to start with, this is all the things Effy bought me <3

L - R

17 photo flawless primer
Accessorize Molten copper nail varnish
Kate Moss Lipstick in red
MUA lipstick Glitter pink
MUA lipstick Pink

Sopa & Glory:

Feel good factor Spf 15 moisture lotion
Peaches and clean facial wash
Kick Ass concealer 

River Island make up bag

Leather bound journal

Soap & Glory Do a bubble take

The contents :)

This is the presents I bought for Effy:

Umberto Giannini

Inside the tin. Everything is so beautiful <3

Also a leather bound diary

Soap & Glory:

Glow Job tinted moisture lotion
Glow all out blusher
Trick or treatment concealer

MUA lipstick in Red

Clear travel make up bags

Presents from our best friend Coley:

Umberto Giannini Hair Kit

The contents

Ted Baker Vanity Beauty Case

The Contents

Dexter season 3 box set <3

Lush Christmas gift box

Inside :)  They smell beautiful x

Snow fair shower gel <3

Magic wand which also smells of snow fairy x

These gifts are from my lovely mum and dad <3:

No7 beauty vanity box! This is so amazing :D

The contents

Closer look

and again x

My mum bought me and Effy each a little one of these boxes and filled it with random little things :)

Inside the box -

how cute are those tweezers

and again :)

Fearne make up brushes

From my big sister Nicole:

Kings of leon documentary Talihina Sky <3!!!!

random beautiful little bath soaps and fizzer's

And again! xxx

Lip gloss's and candles

Finally our real Jesus bracelets modelled on my pasty arms D:

other little bracelets xx

A stunning photo journal <3

Inside! this is actually stunning <3 love it

And lastly from my aunty Frances and my Gran, just some little random things as they gave me money :)

random little PJ's :)

NYX glitter palette

Amazing black soap from Spain x

Jade goody perfume

Little socks x

A Random little box Frances gave us which now stores our earrings :)

Well that's everything we got =D, Effy and I will be getting our Ipods tomorrow, cant wait
hope you all got amazing things

Love you all

Emilie xox


  1. Aww looks like you got lots of lovely things! xo

  2. wow so many awesome presents! Merry xmas :)

    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva

  3. Katie - aw i did thanks :) x

    sanam - haha yeah i love them all :D xxx

  4. You have so many nice things! I love soap and glory products, they smell gorgeous. I got those fearne cotton brushes for christmas too :D dexter box set <3 have you watched the latest season?

    Laura x

  5. Aw thank you dear :) aw same :D haha thats strange :P ooo i love dexter <3 no not yet babe, not had time with college xxxxxxxx

  6. OH! I love Dexter. Such a fun show. <3

    - Marisa

  7. i love all your choices in presents, lovely river island makeup bag :-)

  8. Aw why thank you dear :) Oh yeah its so cute <3 xx

  9. Awww such lovely gifts that you gave and received my dear, glad to see you had a lovely Christmas xxx

  10. Why thank you dear x
    aww I did and I hope you did too <3


  11. really nice post!:)
    Lovely greetings xx

    Would be really happy about a visit;):

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