Friday, 2 December 2011

Making Christmas...Making Christmas.....

Hello Lovelies!

Okay so busy busy busy times ahead! SO remember I was telling you guys we were putting on a mini Disney production  in college and my group got given the Lion king which was a joke because in my group there is far too many girls to do it, anyway after months of rehearsing it, after all the stress and worry and arguments! Out lecturer actually let us change it, when we have 3 weeks to go! But in a brighter note we are doing the Nightmare Before Christmas :D!!!! Happy days! I'm so pleased to be doing something I love even if I am going to have to work my ass off for 3 weeks. I just finished writing the script and its looking really great so I'm hoping if we give it 110% we can pull this off! I will keep you all posted on how it goes

Love you all!
Emilie xox


  1. How fun!

    I love the nightmare before christmas. For this christmas, I'm making gift bags for each member of my family, and painting a character from the nightmare before christmas on them.

  2. That's amazing babe! You must be an amazing painter :D Lucky family haha <3


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