Friday, 23 December 2011

I won something :O!

Hey everyone

So this week has been a very good week for me as a matter of fact! Having the gig and genuinely enjoying college but for the first time ever I actually won something hah! One of the blogs I read quite frequently "Tokki & Oliver" was having a give away back in like mid December and the prize was one of 3 goodies bags and to my luck I won :) The parcel arrived this morning and I was super excited to open it . Inside the package was 7 perfectly wrapped make up products and a little note.

My parcel x

Wrapped so pretty x

The contents

A colour design lipstick in visionary sheen

Darker than my normal shade but actually suits me quite well to be honest :)

Revlon mix or mingle lips gloss in hello honey

Lovely colour and texture and smells lovely x

Revlon Green glitter nail varnish in apple fizz this nail varnish actually smells like apples its beautiful

sorry about the bad pic

Mini Bourjois eye shadow powder in Glittery grey :)

so lovely x

Liz Earle perfume in botanical essence
To be honest this is alot stronger than the perfume i tend to wear but is still nice :)

Coconut body soufflé

Manicure cuticle exfoliator

The little note I also received which was so cute!

Thank you so much Sure for making my day I love my little present, make sure to follow

Emilie xox


  1. I'm so glad it arrived safely. I hope you enjoy the little package. That revlon looks fabulous over a dark colour, so try it out xx Thank you again for following my blog <3

  2. Aw thanks alot hun :) I will be sure to try it out, love your blog <3