Sunday, 20 November 2011

One day i'm going to forget your name.

Hey Hey Hey!

So guys, yesterday my aunty Frances and My Gran came over to our house as it was my Mothers birthday :) My mum going to cut my Gran's hair as well anyway we all had a little chat then Frances took myself, Effy and My big sister Nicole to a shop called B&M stores which basically sells home stuff etc. Anyway we looked through the entire shop and ended up buying quite a few things! My big sister bought a new Christmas tree for the house and some decorations for it which are beautiful :)

Everything we bought at B&M stores

We each bought a notebook for college £0.99 each

A little roes scented candle :)  2 for £1.50

Snowmen shower gels in candy cane and winter frost £1.99

This perfume smells amazing btw! and it was only £1.99

W7 nail varnish in glittery green <3 £1.99

Apricot facial scrub £1.00

50 christams tags for £1!!

Big wrapping paper set for £5 its amazing :)

Our Ottoman <3 £20

After we came home and Frances and Gran left. Myself, Effy, Nicole and Mother  all went to ASDA for the shopping and a little look. We ended up spending a fortune again but it was worth it as we got a few Christmas presents in :D

Our purchases from ASDA

Our Christmas cards we bought x

Effy and I each bought a huge Christmas tumbler

I bought Effy a huge Vaseline tin with all 4 in it for Christmas x

Effy bought these little flower clips x

I bought a Pearl chain necklace x

We bought ourselves little vintage soaps x

bought my aunty Frances a dove set <3

we also bought Kerrang! :)

All the presents all wrapped and neatly put away tll Christmas x

Oh and lastly, the other day when I was shopping I bought Effy and I a little Lipgloss from H&M

They are mini mouse and taste amazing! £1.99 <3

Well that's all dears and I promise I wll try to blog more often :D

Love you all <3
Emilie xox


  1. Oooh, I love the huge vaseline tin, it's such a good Christmas present!

  2. Syle pony - aw yeah its so cool haha :D xx

    inmyhansonshirt - aw thanks and yeah it so!!! cute :D xxxx