Sunday, 20 November 2011

Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun!

Hello everyone!

Well recently Myself, Effy, Mother and my Aunty Frances had all planed to go to the "Girls Day Out" Event and It was the day of the event so we all got glammed up and heading into town as it was being held in the
When we got there it was Girl heaven! Everything was pink and glittery and there was 100s of stalls selling make up and hair products. So we started from one side and worked our way to the other side, we were there for about 3 hours or so spending lots of money :D. We picked up a few free drinks along the way and bought some cocktails. We also revived a free goodies bag as we pre-ordered our tickets and got some great stuff inside. Myself and Effy decided to buy this beautiful brows eyebrow kit which only cost £30 and it is amazing! It puts your eyebrows on as if they have been tattooed and they stay on all day! It is amazing :). After the event we headed to a bar called the Missoula and had some strawberry daiquiris which were lovely and had some food. We then went to a bar called The butterfly and the pig which is a little traditional Scottish bar and its amazing! the people are lovely and the music is great! So we had some rums and cokes there and booked it for my big sisters 21st birthday party the following week. We then went home and had some well needed sleep haha x

Our "Beautiful Brows" Set £30

The contents x

Pack of 3 stencils in "Bold", "Natural" & "Sleek"

The amazing powder in "Dark Brown"

The double sided brush to apply

Mascara :)


In a lovely pink

the Paris rose vodka we bought :)

Cocktail glasses

Myself at the big shoe

Effy at the big shoe

Mother and Aunty Frances

Out Strawberry Daiquiris

Myself in the Missoula bar :)

Later that night we bough Cosmopolitan

The free Lip gloss which is a bit dark :O

Our Goodies bags :)

The contents of the bag.

No.7 Eye shadow pallet with snake skin cover :)

Inside the pallet

Mark Hill dry shampoo

No.7 Nail varnish in Teal

No17 waterproof mascara

No7 lash 360 Mascara

No17 nail varnish in pink

So that was a rather great little day :D
Emilie xox