Sunday, 20 November 2011

Forever Young

Hey my darlings x

Okay so The other week it was my big sister Nicole's 21st, and like I said earlier we were going to the Butterfly  and the Pig :) A very cute little bar! So we all spent ages getting ready in my house and I wore my new dress from H&M which fit very nicely. I had heated rollers in my hair so I was going for the vintage chic look :) Anyway we all had our gorgeous heels on so were all very tall as per haha and we were ordering drinks all night I think Effy and I spent £100 alone! haha The band were absolutely amazing they were called "The Meat Men" and they were playing old rock and country songs all night like Johnny Cash :D! We were all dancing all night and ended up in our bear feet as our feet were killing us from dancing, plus we were quite drunk and as you all probably know dancing + high heels + Alcohol = falling fat on your ass! haha Admittedly I did fall a number of times but it more because people were banning into me and there was an armchair behind me lol! But yeah the band was amazing and at times we were the centre of attention as we were the only ones dancing haha typical us haha <3 Here are some of the photos as there is too many to upload!

Effy and I with our rollers in :D


Effy looking all Pretty :)

Effy :)

Myself x

Effy and My mum

Myself and my mum <3

Effy and I

Coley and I <3 x

Effy, My big sister and Karen her friend x

My mother and my aunty Frances

Random photo of out seats haha ?

My aunty dancing x

My lovely mother x

Random strangers haha

Coley and Effy dancing <3

Us 3 <3

The next day waking up in my aunties house haha and her cat messy taking up the whole bed!

Messy again <3 x

Me arriving home looking like a wreck haha x

So basically we had an amazing night and spent a fortune hahaha <3 xx

Emilie xox

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