Tuesday, 29 November 2011

All I want for Christmas is........Jack White?

Hello my dolls :) x

So recently myself and Effy were finishing our Christmas shopping in Town and we spotted this new little music store called "that's entertainment", so we decided to go inside. Everything was so cheap, I'm not even joking it was like 5 movies for £10 and 2 CD's for £5 and they were all decent movies as well! So we went over to the CD's and spotted The white Stripes albums and The white stripes are like one on Effy's and I's FAVOURITE! bands, seriously! so we bought 3 of them and as it was 2 for a £5 we were looking for another CD and we spotted The manic Street Preachers 'Holy bible' album and myself and Effy are obsessed!! with the manics and that is our favourite album of theirs, and might I add the most expensive! So of course we bought all 4 albums for a £10 and we were actually so excited at the fact we got all of them for such a little price!

<3! Bliss xxxxxx

Love you all

Emilie xox


  1. I've never heard anything from The White Stripes but I might have to give them a shot.


  2. :O They are actually amazing, you should deffo give them a try :D


  3. i love the white stripes! well, and the raconteurs, the dead wetaher... basically jack white! haha. i think he's one of the best artists nowadays! :)

  4. I love The White Stripes! Also love Jack White :)

    Love your blog, Will you follow me?

    Hybrid Hunter

  5. Blonde hair, Blue jeans - They are amazing too <3!
    Aw yeah deffo!!!


    Hybrid Hunter - Goodness same!!! And ofcourse hunni!

    Emilie xox