Sunday, 20 November 2011

Ain't going back to Barton Hollow

Hello all you lovely people! I haven't blogged in like forever! seriously! I have been so busy with college, Its taking over my life I tell you! But I have a few blogs I have to do so I will just make them all mini blogs as it would take me to long to tell you everything :)

So a couple of weeks ago Myself, Effy and Coley all went out town to get a dress for my big sisters 21st which was coming up and we met up with a couple of college friends and got a Starbucks and had a good ol' gab :)
Then ended up getting into a big argument with this crazy guy sitting at Starbucks! he was actually ridiculous. Anyway after all that nonsense we ended up getting a dress :)

Effy's blouse she bought from new look :)

My dress from H&M, I love it :) x

Our Starbucks drinks :) x

After we also went to boots and Effy and I had a voucher for No.7 so we bought a nail varnish which is very nice :)

My aunty Frances also gave us her make up box as we are running out of space in our room for all our stuff haha xx

So thats basically all guys x

Love you
Emilie xox

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