Tuesday, 29 November 2011

All I want for Christmas is........Jack White?

Hello my dolls :) x

So recently myself and Effy were finishing our Christmas shopping in Town and we spotted this new little music store called "that's entertainment", so we decided to go inside. Everything was so cheap, I'm not even joking it was like 5 movies for £10 and 2 CD's for £5 and they were all decent movies as well! So we went over to the CD's and spotted The white Stripes albums and The white stripes are like one on Effy's and I's FAVOURITE! bands, seriously! so we bought 3 of them and as it was 2 for a £5 we were looking for another CD and we spotted The manic Street Preachers 'Holy bible' album and myself and Effy are obsessed!! with the manics and that is our favourite album of theirs, and might I add the most expensive! So of course we bought all 4 albums for a £10 and we were actually so excited at the fact we got all of them for such a little price!

<3! Bliss xxxxxx

Love you all

Emilie xox

Friday, 25 November 2011

Latest Avon haul!

Hey babes!

Well here is just a quick little blog to show you my recent Avon purchases. I only bought two things this Avon as it Christmas haha :)

Total price £5.00

Far Away body shimmer powder £2.00
This is actually so pretty and smells beautiful <3

Nail varnish in "Dynamo" £3.00
This colour is actually stunning! its like a glittery pink with a hint of gold through it

Anyways thats all guys

Emilie xox

Sunday, 20 November 2011

One day i'm going to forget your name.

Hey Hey Hey!

So guys, yesterday my aunty Frances and My Gran came over to our house as it was my Mothers birthday :) My mum going to cut my Gran's hair as well anyway we all had a little chat then Frances took myself, Effy and My big sister Nicole to a shop called B&M stores which basically sells home stuff etc. Anyway we looked through the entire shop and ended up buying quite a few things! My big sister bought a new Christmas tree for the house and some decorations for it which are beautiful :)

Everything we bought at B&M stores

We each bought a notebook for college £0.99 each

A little roes scented candle :)  2 for £1.50

Snowmen shower gels in candy cane and winter frost £1.99

This perfume smells amazing btw! and it was only £1.99

W7 nail varnish in glittery green <3 £1.99

Apricot facial scrub £1.00

50 christams tags for £1!!

Big wrapping paper set for £5 its amazing :)

Our Ottoman <3 £20

After we came home and Frances and Gran left. Myself, Effy, Nicole and Mother  all went to ASDA for the shopping and a little look. We ended up spending a fortune again but it was worth it as we got a few Christmas presents in :D

Our purchases from ASDA

Our Christmas cards we bought x

Effy and I each bought a huge Christmas tumbler

I bought Effy a huge Vaseline tin with all 4 in it for Christmas x

Effy bought these little flower clips x

I bought a Pearl chain necklace x

We bought ourselves little vintage soaps x

bought my aunty Frances a dove set <3

we also bought Kerrang! :)

All the presents all wrapped and neatly put away tll Christmas x

Oh and lastly, the other day when I was shopping I bought Effy and I a little Lipgloss from H&M

They are mini mouse and taste amazing! £1.99 <3

Well that's all dears and I promise I wll try to blog more often :D

Love you all <3
Emilie xox

Forever Young

Hey my darlings x

Okay so The other week it was my big sister Nicole's 21st, and like I said earlier we were going to the Butterfly  and the Pig :) A very cute little bar! So we all spent ages getting ready in my house and I wore my new dress from H&M which fit very nicely. I had heated rollers in my hair so I was going for the vintage chic look :) Anyway we all had our gorgeous heels on so were all very tall as per haha and we were ordering drinks all night I think Effy and I spent £100 alone! haha The band were absolutely amazing they were called "The Meat Men" and they were playing old rock and country songs all night like Johnny Cash :D! We were all dancing all night and ended up in our bear feet as our feet were killing us from dancing, plus we were quite drunk and as you all probably know dancing + high heels + Alcohol = falling fat on your ass! haha Admittedly I did fall a number of times but it more because people were banning into me and there was an armchair behind me lol! But yeah the band was amazing and at times we were the centre of attention as we were the only ones dancing haha typical us haha <3 Here are some of the photos as there is too many to upload!

Effy and I with our rollers in :D


Effy looking all Pretty :)

Effy :)

Myself x

Effy and My mum

Myself and my mum <3

Effy and I

Coley and I <3 x

Effy, My big sister and Karen her friend x

My mother and my aunty Frances

Random photo of out seats haha ?

My aunty dancing x

My lovely mother x

Random strangers haha

Coley and Effy dancing <3

Us 3 <3

The next day waking up in my aunties house haha and her cat messy taking up the whole bed!

Messy again <3 x

Me arriving home looking like a wreck haha x

So basically we had an amazing night and spent a fortune hahaha <3 xx

Emilie xox

Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun!

Hello everyone!

Well recently Myself, Effy, Mother and my Aunty Frances had all planed to go to the "Girls Day Out" Event and It was the day of the event so we all got glammed up and heading into town as it was being held in the
When we got there it was Girl heaven! Everything was pink and glittery and there was 100s of stalls selling make up and hair products. So we started from one side and worked our way to the other side, we were there for about 3 hours or so spending lots of money :D. We picked up a few free drinks along the way and bought some cocktails. We also revived a free goodies bag as we pre-ordered our tickets and got some great stuff inside. Myself and Effy decided to buy this beautiful brows eyebrow kit which only cost £30 and it is amazing! It puts your eyebrows on as if they have been tattooed and they stay on all day! It is amazing :). After the event we headed to a bar called the Missoula and had some strawberry daiquiris which were lovely and had some food. We then went to a bar called The butterfly and the pig which is a little traditional Scottish bar and its amazing! the people are lovely and the music is great! So we had some rums and cokes there and booked it for my big sisters 21st birthday party the following week. We then went home and had some well needed sleep haha x

Our "Beautiful Brows" Set £30

The contents x

Pack of 3 stencils in "Bold", "Natural" & "Sleek"

The amazing powder in "Dark Brown"

The double sided brush to apply

Mascara :)


In a lovely pink

the Paris rose vodka we bought :)

Cocktail glasses

Myself at the big shoe

Effy at the big shoe

Mother and Aunty Frances

Out Strawberry Daiquiris

Myself in the Missoula bar :)

Later that night we bough Cosmopolitan

The free Lip gloss which is a bit dark :O

Our Goodies bags :)

The contents of the bag.

No.7 Eye shadow pallet with snake skin cover :)

Inside the pallet

Mark Hill dry shampoo

No.7 Nail varnish in Teal

No17 waterproof mascara

No7 lash 360 Mascara

No17 nail varnish in pink

So that was a rather great little day :D
Emilie xox